Saturday, June 26, 2021

4 Tips to refresh your makeup routine


It is important for us girls to look and feel 100% day in and day out, so even when we don’t get to doll up a lot these days, a few makeup hacks are always welcome to take our makeup routine to the next level. Let these versatile makeup products from Ever Bilena, the country’s leading cosmetics brand, be your go-to when you want to look and feel your best without using a lot of products in your stash. 

Tip 1: Bring brightness onto your face

The key to looking fresh and natural all day is to make your face look bright and healthy. Cop the dewy, au naturel look by applying the Sculpt and Strobe Stick highlighter on your cheekbones, below the brow line, bridge of your nose, center of the forehead, chin, and temples. The highlighter in Medium shade gives a silver-colored sparkle that’s perfect for fair skin, while the Deep shade in warm champagne-colored highlighter puts the best facial assets of ladies with morena skin. This guarantees to put some radiance back to your face.

Tip 2: Put the shape of your face on the spotlight

Contouring is the perfect way to add shape to your face. To achieve this, use a bronzer that has a neutral shade and apply it to the perimeter of your face for a natural finish. Good thing you don’t need a separate bronzer, as you can use the Sculpt and Strobe Stick’s bronzer tip to get the job done. With a dual product like this, you can easily shape, define, and illuminate your best features, leaving you with a subtle, natural-looking finish in minutes.  

Tip 3: Achieve the ‘healthy’ blush

Don’t limit the use of your blush on just the apples of your cheeks. To achieve that healthy, glow-from-within look, use the EB Matte Color Stick, which gives that sun-kissed flush on your face.  Apply on the crease of your eyes, temples, and bridge of your nose, and blend well to give that rosy, natural glow. Finish off by applying the product on your lips for that “just bitten” look. With long-lasting formula, EB Matte Color Stick lets you look fresh and youthful-looking throughout the day.

Tip 4: Make your eyes pop without looking too ‘done’

The eyes should stand out whether going for an all-natural look or full-on glam. The secret is to add shape and depth to bring attention to your peepers by using the EB Advance Power Paint along the lash line of your eyes. It’s a color cream that stays on the skin for hours, so you won’t feel the need to retouch. What’s more, it has a powdery matte finish that feels lightweight on the skin, and can be used as well to color your cheeks and lips without feeling too cakey. 

Get these makeup tricks done in a jiffy with these EB multiuse makeup products to create a variety of looks that can be done in a few minutes or less. Shop now on Lazada or Shopee and visit Ever Bilena on Facebook (@everbilenacosmetics) or Instagram (@everbilenaofficial) to know more.

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