Friday, March 24, 2023

Shopping at Taytay Tiangge

A lot has changed since I visited Taytay Tiangge around 10 years ago!  Taytay Tiangge has become huge, and has evolved into a mega shopping district for garments and textile. What hasn't changed is that this place still brings joy and happiness to bargain shoppers like me. 😃😊😁

From summer outfits, kids wear, swim wear, to office outfits, house dresses, hats, bags, jackets, shorts, pants, underwear, gowns and formal wear, even curtains, and bedsheets -- everything is still at jaw-dropping prices!

Of course, you still need to haggle to make the most of your bargain-hunting experience.

Almost all the stalls in Taytay Tiangge are usually open during Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 8am to 5pm.  However, some have a different schedule.  It is also better to be there on a Monday or Thursday, when new items arrive.

There are more than 10 Tiangge Operators/Organizers offering great bargains for wholesale and retail. Here are some of them and their schedule.....

(please note that the schedule is subject to change without prior notice)

Taytay Capital Tiangge

CME (Club Manila East) Tiangge

Freedom Bazaar

My Seoul Tiangge Schedule.  They also have a night market every Saturday from 7pm to 9pm

Tiangge ng Taytayenos Schedule

168 Bazaar Kapatid Ko Taytay Tiangge

Fashion House Taytay Tiangge

Tiangge in Manang Biday 

GB Bazaar Taytay

Octagon Fashion Strip Taytay

IGPAI Garments Center's new schedule! Visit them at Leoncio Compound, Club Manila East (near Masuerte Orange Lane at the back of BAGPI Taytay)

Taytay Mega Tiangge

BAGPI Garment Center Baclaran and Taytay Schedule

Taytay Garments Hub Map.  Photo credit : Konsehal Papoo Cruz

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