Friday, November 19, 2010

Shopping for Christmas Decors at Dapitan Arcade

I thought that it was time to buy new Christmas decors at home.  So, last Tuesday I headed off to Dapitan Arcade. Dapitan Arcade is located at Kanlaon Ave. corner Dapitan St. in Quezon City. This area is not as crowded compared to, I would rather go here to shop for Christmas decors.

Almost all items here are export over runs. Hence, there are unique Christmas decors not found in any department stores with price ranging from P200 to P500 only.  But you still need to bargain! 

Very nice candle holders are also available. Yet I find them a little bit pricey..price between P600 and P1500.

Vases are of good quality and very nice, too.  Price about P200 to P500 depending on the size.

More Christmas decors outside and across the Arcade.  Sooo cheap!

Wrought iron accessories/holders and hand-painted ceramic plates for only P250 to P800! 

How to get to Dapitan Arcade:
I think it will be easier if you have your own transpo.  Upon reaching Burger King in Quezon Ave. (near Welcome Rotunda), Kanlaon is the street right next to will never miss it.  Just go straight to Kanlaon and you will find Dapitan St. where Dapitan Arcade the 2nd intersection.  Please check the location map below.

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Happy Shopping :o)


  1. Hi its me again, Jen. i like the wrought iron. What specific stall eto sa dapitan? mukhang dito na ako pupunta at mamimili. meron pa ba mga ganito nung nagpunta ka? when was the last time you visited dapitan?

    Thank you

    1. Naku..ako rin, I loved the wrought iron plate holder. Meron nyan lagi and, mas mura pag hindi holiday season! (sympre law of supply & demand) Pls check my post on Dapitan Arcade Revisited.

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  3. This place has range of beautiful and impressive Christmas decoration items. They look so lovely and captivating and have everything is in accordance with the Christmas spirit.4


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