Thursday, August 6, 2020

Rejuvenating business with new innovative product

When the pandemic broke out, businesses instinctively placed business plans on the shelf, cancelled their marketing campaigns or simply postponed introduction of new products. This is why the launch of Hello Glow, the “pandemic baby” of Ever Bilena Cosmetics Inc. (EBCI), during the lockdown is nothing short of phenomenal because it also helped rejuvenate the business hardest hit by the quarantine.
Launched last February, Hello Glow ( has sold 50,000 sets through its traditional direct selling and increased fivefold during quarantine, with most transactions done online. Following its success, the EBCI team relaunched in June, fully to online entrepreneurs, which resulted to 300,000 sets sold in only a month’s time. Denice Sy-Munez, EBCI chief sales and marketing officer, proudly shares, “We exceeded our initial 600,000 set target for the year in just 4 months, which the whole team feels is a big milestone for us!”

Hello Glow is a complete line of skin rejuvenation and whitening products expertly designed and formulated using only safe, high-grade nourishing and effective natural ingredients. It comes in four key items: the 4-in-1 whitening soap, clarifying toner, sunscreen cream, and whitening cream. But the bosses of EBCI made Hello Glow to be more than just about skin care: It became a gateway for more than 1,800 of its employees to generate income with the company providing Hello Glow reseller packages, free of charge, as a form of special aid during the pandemic lockdown.

Although they initially faced logistics setback given a skeletal workforce and limited mobilization during the quarantine, Hello Glow still managed to gain a following among skin care enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike: “People were more conscious about using the lockdown period to improve their skincare regimen. Moreover, many are looking for sources of income. We have former flight attendants and beauty queens who are now active distributors of Hello Glow.”

To date, Hello Glow has over 2,500 resellers, but Denice confesses there is still a lot more saturation efforts that can be done to expand the network and strengthen the brand. As such, Hello Glow plans to add more products that address different skin concerns. “We want Hello Glow to be a one-stop shop for all personal care needs for our customers and reselling partners. Hello Glow fans have a lot of products to watch out for!”

As the whole world continues to deal with the pandemic, EBCI has managed to keep its head above water by continuously offering exciting products and reselling packages such as Hello Glow (All Whitening Set), especially during this time when self-care should be the top priority.

To know more about Hello Glow, follow its Facebook page (helloglowofficial) and Instagram (@helloglowofficial and @helloglowresults). 

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