Friday, May 1, 2020

Maintaining a Wellness Routine During Quarantine

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The spread of the COVID-19 pandemic took us all by surprise. The days of the week start to look the same and lose a lot of their purpose. Because of this lack of structure it may seem difficult sticking to our usual beauty and wellness habits. But we need to push through it.

This means that our old routines need to change completely. We can no longer go to the gym, attend a yoga class, or have coffee with our friends. But, we still need to maintain a proper wellness routine to stay productive and sane. This article will help you prioritize wellness at home, during quarantine.

Photo by Fallon Michael/Unsplash

1.   Eat Healthily

One of the best things about quarantine is that we have all that extra time on our hands. That means that we can finally do all the things that we never had the time for before. Preparing healthy meals is one of those things.

Now, you have the chance to:
-          cook nutritious meals
-          learn about nutrition
-          eat more fresh foods
-          boost your immunity

Wellness is both a state of mind and body, so make sure your body is energized and fueled with the best, healthiest foods.

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2.   Unplug

All the free time we have during quarantine is making some of overuse digital media. We tend to spend hours in front of the TV or scrolling up and down social media newsfeed.

But, the truth is, this can harm us physically and mentally. Here’s how:
-          we’re sitting too much
-          bad posture
-          eye damage
-          stress and anxiety from all the bad news
-          low confidence from all the unrealistic social media images

Use the media for the good stuff:
-          watching online shows such as musicals, plays, and great movies
-          communicating with your friends
-          acquiring new skills

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3.   Physical Activity

If you want to stay energized and healthy, you need to ensure your body stays active during quarantine. Physical activity needs to be a part of your daily routine.

It would be best if you could find something you enjoy doing:
-          online workout programs
-          stationary jogging
-          online dance lessons
-          yoga
-          setting up a home gym

Find something you love and make sure you get active every day.

Photo by Jared Rice/Unsplash

4.   Meditation

Wellness is about the complete balance of your body and mind. Meditation is a great way to restore that inner peace and get in touch with yourself again.

To make meditation a part of your everyday routine, you’ll need:
-          a meditation spot in your home
-          a yoga mat and comfortable clothes
-          the skills and knowledge on how to meditate

Make sure you find the time of day you feel like meditating the most and do it for as long as it makes you feel comfortable.

You can even keep a meditation journal. If you need help with writing you can check out Studicus, Best Essay Education or Wow Grade. Plus,  Grammarly or Hemingway can help you out with editing.
Meditating every day will help you get energized, lift your spirit, and be prepared to face the new day.

Photo by Velizar Ivanov//Unsplash

5.   Skincare & Beauty Routines

Pampering yourself is always a great idea. Many people feel so much better about themselves if they have the time to nurture their skin, hair, nails, etc.

This is why you should be creative and give yourself the home treatments you love:
-          body scrubs
-          face peeling and exfoliating 
-          cleansing and hydrating skincare
-          relaxing baths
-          hair nurturing
-          manicure
-          pedicure

Do whatever makes you feel good about yourself.

Photo by Gregory Pappas/Unsplash

6.   Sleep Regularly

Regular sleep is one of the preconditions for good physical and mental health. And, now that you have fewer obligations than ever, you finally get to sleep regularly. 

Regular sleep will have the following effects on you:
-          less stress and anxiety
-          more energy
-          positivity
-          a clear mind
-          increased focus

Establish a healthy sleeping routine and maintain it during quarantine.

Photo by sydney Rae/Unsplash

7.   Stay Positive

Some people feel like it's impossible to control the way you feel. While we agree that sometimes you can't help but react to unfortunate events, we believe that most times it's all about the mindset.

Therefore, you need to focus on:
-          embracing the change
-          finding inspiration on small things
-          thinking positively
-          being grateful for your health
-          the good sides of quarantine

Don’t be bitter about not being able to go out, go to work, or have fun with your friends. Instead, be thankful that you get to work on yourself and do the things you usually don’t have the time for.

Final Thoughts:

We are in these difficult times.  Quarantine may be unusual, but it doesn’t have to be a negative thing. On the contrary, it gives you a chance to establish a wellness routine and spend time serving your own needs. Use the tips we’ve provided above and start giving yourself the treatment you deserve.

This post is written by Angela Baker.  She is an experienced freelance writer and a blogger. She enjoys covering lifestyle, wellness, and self-care topics, with a specific emphasis on personal development. She’s currently working as an editor at Trust My Paper and Supreme Dissertations.


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