Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Mattress Shopping at Uratex RONAC Lifestyle Center in Magallanes Makati

I know that a mattress is the building block to a restful sleep. So, when it comes to shopping for a new mattress, buying on impulse is not an option.  We spend one-third of our lives in bed, so we need to invest time and energy in shopping for a really good mattress. 

"A mattress is often the last thing people tend to think about when it comes to getting a good night's rest," says Karin Mahoney, the spokeswoman for the Better Sleep Council based in Alexandria, Va. "People will turn to quick fixes like over-the-counter or prescription sleep aids, but they don't think about their mattress that's 15 years old. The mattress is quite literally the foundation of a good night's sleep." (source: health.usnews.com)

Before I buy a new mattress, I take my time and do my research. When shopping for that perfect new mattress, we need to consider comfort, quality and durability, size (of course), warranty, your budget, and where to shop. And I know where to shop!  So, I checked out Uratex's newest showroom at RONAC Lifestyle Center in Magallanes.

The showroom, located at the 2nd level, has a very homely vibe, posh and chic.

I immediately grabbed a copy of their Catalogue because I knew that I could get all the info I need for my mattress shopping...

It's important to pick a mattress that supports your head, shoulders, hips and feet all in a proper alignment. Especially those people who struggle with back problems, they need to pay particular attention to find the right fit that's both supportive and comforting in all the right places.

Here are some of their mattresses:

Orthocare Premium Mattress Collection provides support to key pressure areas and ensures proper spine alignment, hence a perfect balance of comfort and support where our body needs it most.

The Perfect Serenity Mattress Collection combines innovative foam and fabric technologies to create a mattress that looks and feels simply...perfect!  

The Premium Touch Collection promises an exceptional level of comfort because of its high-performance pocket springs and luxurious breathable materials to ensure a good night's sleep, that is, free from body pains and restless tossing.

The Senso Memory Collection is made from high-quality visco-elastic foam on top of a high-density base. This enables the foam to cradle the body in a way that dramatically eases pressure and feels superbly comfortable.

If you really are into imported mattresses, they also have the Simmons Beauty Rest.  

Please take note of the most important tip when shopping for a mattress - The mattresses in the showroom are really meant for the in-store test. Once you've chosen a mattress based on your budget, you need to give it a 15 to 20-minute test. Don't be embarrassed to lie down on a lot of mattresses in the showroom. Consumer Reports found that consumers who spent 15 to 20 minutes testing each mattress at the showroom were likely to be happy with their purchase. Buyers should wear loose clothes, kick off their shoes and lie down for five minutes on each side and five minutes on their back...plus five minutes on their stomach if they sleep that way, the study advises. "The only way to determine if the cushiness and the firmness is right for you is to lie down on the bed and try it for yourself," said Consumer Reports

If you're shopping for a bed for two, bring your bed partner along with you to try out the mattresses. Individuals may have different tastes when it comes to the feel of the bed and mattress.

Nelson, the very friendly and accommodating Sales Specialist, encouraged me to try all the mattresses. Look for him when you plan to shop for a good mattress, and he could offer you good suggestions.

Uratex & Simmons Pillows are also available...

And some products which are available in their other showrooms...

RONAC Lifestyle Center
Lot 6 Block 3 Paseo de Magallanes
(right beside Honda Makati)
Brgy Magallanes, Makati City
Tel No: (632) 801-3431 / 801-3429
Store Hours: Monday to Sunday 10am to 8pm
Offers FREE delivery within Metro Manila
Credit cards accepted

If Magallanes is too far from you, you can also visit Uratex Showrooms in other locations HERE.


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