Saturday, June 29, 2019

A Watch That Saves a Life #lifesaver #togetherletshelp #fightcancer #lovehopefaith

In this modern world, where people are more obsessed with smartphones, it may seem that a watch is no longer important.  But a watch is not just for telling time with convenience and efficiency. It could also enhance your style, express your personality, and create a variety of looks for all occasions. And, what if your watch could save a life?  Isn't it more rewarding when you know that your watch purchase also goes to helping others?

LoveHopeFaith Group, a social enterprise behind Life Saver products, provides care and assistance to Cancer patients since 2013. They just introduced their Life Saver Watch 4.0, a timepiece that fits the classic style of premium fashion - for a very affordable price of P300 only.  It is available in 8 colors, which you could match any mood, OOTD, or any occasion.  For fashion, style and charitable cause, this watch collection will save lives!

Life Saver Watch 4.0 features a silver electroplate casing with a hypoallergenic strap, longer battery life, scratch and impact-resistant glass that would not be easily damaged.

The watch is water-resistant, not waterproof, but it can withstand sweat and accidental splashes of water.

LHFG has also released new designs of Life Saver Shirt, proceeds of which will help give more comfort to children fighting against cancer.  Check out the Life Saver shirts and shop HERE!

With every purchase of LifeSaver products, LHFG donates 50% of the net proceeds to a cancer patient, and to various beneficiaries of LoveHopeFaith.

Get yours now to help save a life!

Drop by their store at 99-101 Topaz Building Kamias Road, Quezon City, or you can visit their website at or for more info.

Together, let’s help!


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