Thursday, February 21, 2019

KonMari Your Home and Earn More than P17,000

Decluttering your home can be quite intimidating. Requiring a lot of time and effort, it is a seemingly herculean task so you’re stumped and don’t know where to start.

Enter the KonMari Method, an organizing technique made famous by tidying expert Marie Kondo. She has written books on the topic, and appeared on the Netflix show ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.’ Her method involves tidying by category (clothes, books, papers miscellaneous items, and sentimental items), keeping only the things that “spark joy,” and letting go of items that don’t. The technique encourages thanking the discarded items for serving you.

Now, where do you bring all your pre-loved stuff after you thank them? Well, take a cue from the thousands of sellers of secondhand items on OLX and turn your clutter into cash by conveniently selling it online.

A recent study by OLX, the country’s leading classifieds platform, computed the potential profit you can earn by decluttering your home and selling pre-owned goods that no longer spark joy. The research identified the popular, fastest-selling categories: fashion, gadgets, and health and beauty products. It then further looked into the pre-loved items most often bought in these categories, the average price of these items, and the average number of times buyers purchase them in a year.

Based on these data, you can potentially earn an estimated P17,700 by letting go of fast-selling used stuff and selling them online.

The most popular pre-owned fashion items are shoes and clothes, which have average prices of P1,250 and P750, respectively. On average, online shoppers buy two pairs of shoes and five pieces of clothes. If you tidy up your closet, and sell two pairs of footwear and five pieces of clothing you no longer wear, you can earn P6,250.

Health and beauty products, meanwhile, have an average price of P450 and are usually purchased by online buyers 13 times per month. If you KonMari your beauty drawer and sell 13 products that don’t spark joy, your potential earning is P5,850.

Mobile phones are the most popular gadgets online, and buyers, on average, purchase them twice a year. Post an ad of your old cellphone on OLX, and you may earn P2,800 per unit, which is the average price of used mobile phones bought online.

Who knew that letting go of our material possessions could actually make us happier? Let others experience what once sparked joy to you by selling your pre-loved items on OLX, which provides effortless ways to reach your customers.

“Our research shows a trend. More and more offline sellers are moving into the online domain to sell pre-loved items. Their top three reasons? One, it's easy and convenient. Two, it reaches more shoppers compared to offline selling, in which the audience is limited by location. Lastly, reason number three: Earn money. Instead of letting your old stuff collect dust in a drawer, sell it and make money,” said OLX Philippines Head of Goods and Services Rambo Joinani.

Make decluttering a fruitful and income-generating activity. Sell pre-loved items only on OLX, the biggest classifieds community. Visit

OLX Philippines is part of the OLX Group, the world’s leading classifieds platform in growth markets. Having 17 brands worldwide, OLX Group is available in more than 40 countries, where its market-leading trading platforms are being used by more than 330 million people monthly.

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