Saturday, December 2, 2017

Buy1 Take1 for Medicard RxER until Dec 3 2017

This Christmas, MediCard, a leading health maintenance organization (HMO), gives the best value proposition for better health for you and a loved one for 2018!

From December 1 to 3, 2017, you can buy 2 Medicard RxER cards for the price of 1! With this offer, you can avail of RxER for only P1,998 and get second RxER card for FREE! RxER is a specialized healthcare maintenance plan that covers emergencies for trauma cases, and preventive and outpatient care. It’s the perfect gift of health that you can give to friends and loved ones this Christmas.

RxER cardholders enjoy unlimited free consultations with primary care physicians and specialists, such as general surgeon, obstetrician gynecologist, and pediatrician, among others. Another benefit is a flat rate of P350.00 for consultations with other specialists and 30% discounts on laboratory and dental procedures at MediCard free-standing clinics.

Trauma patients will have a limit of P20,000 in MediCard-accredited hospitals, and  an inclusive of ER fee for emergency care; professional fees and emergency medications related to trauma cases within 6 hours from the time the of incident; burns; animal bites and accidental chemical poisoning. A P5,000 limit is set for CT scan and MRI procedures.

Tetanus toxoid, anti-tetanus serum and active immunization for anti-rabies are covered, as well as ordinary casting and splint. These benefits are subject to emergency care limit. Members can avail of emergency services more than once as long as the limit is not yet reached and the incident happened within 6 hours of admission to the hospital.

Members get financial assistance of up to P50,000 for accidental death or disability.

This membership is good for one year.  There is no age limit, no medical check-up required, and no “hierarchy” to follow. 

To avail to this offer, just fill out the application form available at any free-standing MediCard clinics, pay for the corresponding amount, and get your card.

Check out the list of MediCard free-standing clinics at  To know more about the RxER, call Customer Care Hotline at 884-9999 or email


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