Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Stoneware Pottery Shop in Cagayan de Oro

I do collect a lot of things....and teapots are one of them - even if I seldom drink tea, hahaha. So, when I went to Cagayan de Oro, I did my usual "shopping" research and found a small stoneware pottery shop, which you wouldn't find anywhere else but in Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City. 

The Stoneware Pottery, Inc. is located around 6 kms. away from CDO City proper...not so easy to find, but if you just tell the taxi driver to take you to Zone 8 Bulua, he knows where to find it.

A little info about Stoneware => It is a hard pottery made from siliceous paste, fired at high temperature to vitrify (make glassy) the body. Stoneware is heavier and more opaque than porcelain and differs from terra-cotta in being nonporous and nonabsorbent. The usual color of fired stoneware tends toward gray, though there may be a wide range of color, depending on the clay. It has been produced in China since ancient times and is the forerunner of Chinese porcelain.. In Europe, stoneware was manufactured in the 12th century in Germany, especially in the north and on the lower Rhine. (source:

The Stoneware Pottery Inc. was founded by a German Master Craftsman, Mr. Clemens Wirth. So, all the clay used and the raw materials for glazes are imported from Germany.

The stoneware ceramics are purely handmade. For me, there is just something captivating and timeless about handmade pottery. 

And since the products are handmade, they can vary slightly in size, shape and color. Each piece has its own art in itself!

Their products include kitchen wares, dinner wares, decorative items and corporate giveaways. They also do custom-made items based on the designs of their customers.

I guess this unfinished mug is for a wedding souvenir, so pretty and functional!

They sell to hotels, spa, beach resorts, restaurants, wholesalers & retailers, and exports to Germany, USA, Japan, HongKong, Macau, Singapore, and Dubai. 

And, what's great is that all glazes are food-safe: free of lead or other ingredients that might affect the health of the user. They are microwavable, chip-resistant, oven-proof, as well as dishwasher-proof. They, however, cannot be used on an open flame or electric range, as with all stoneware pottery products.

The rustic elegance of these stoneware ceramics has an irresistible appeal...

View the complete Stoneware Pottery products HERE. If you buy directly from their factory in CDO, you get 5% discount with a minimum P2,000 purchase. (So, I bought more to get a discount...crazy me!) They accept cash payments only.

If you're not from CDO, you can buy their products online HERE.  They will ship your order on freight-collect basis (meaning, you shoulder the shipping fee) usually via DHL, or a forwarder of your choice, Cash on delivery. 

They sometimes join trade fairs, also here in Manila.

How to get to The Stoneware Pottery Shop in CDO

Zone 8, Bulua, Cagayan de Oro City
Misamis Oriental, Philippines
Email add:
Tel: +6388-5830012 / Mobile Phone: +63916-7678441


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