Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bella - A New Lifestyle Show for Women

Digitank Studios and The Lifestyle Network debut a new show for women called ‘Bella’ (the Italian word for “beautiful”). ‘Bella’ seeks to inspire women to become the best version of themselves by giving them information on the latest fashion and beauty trends, health and wellness programs, as well as travel and leisure topics.

A mysterious, sophisticated, and witty girl named ‘Bella’ hosts the show. Revealing herself only through the voiceover and frequent posts in the social media sphere, Bella reaches out to her fellow women in order to guide them into realizing their true beauty. At times, Bella recruits the help of her respected and notable ‘friends’ (fashion gurus, make-up experts, fashionistas, etc.) to speak on her behalf on various topics.

The team behind this new program is composed of the dynamic and creative individuals from Digitank Studios -- the same production studio behind films such as Graceland (2012) and Senior Year (2010), and the TV show Market to Master (also shown on the Lifestyle Network). Executive producer, Franco Alido, and associate producer, Loudette Calotes, will supervise the production of Bella. The creative team is composed of director Seph Barretto, and segment writers Thessa Sandoval, and Krish Pascua.

Bella airs on the Lifestyle Network every Friday at 6:30pm.

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