Monday, October 24, 2011

Shopping for Pomelo in Davao

Whenever I go to Davao I make it a point to buy Pomelos , but not just any other pomelo, I buy the Golden Pomelo.  Some brands (or varieties?) have kinda bitter taste and difficult to peel because of their thick rinds.  Even if you'd ask Davaoenos, they'd say that this brand is the best...seedless, pinkish, succulent and sweet!!

If you have the time, you can buy Golden Pomelo directly from Golden Fruits' outlet stores where a box costs P550 matter what the total weight is.  Not only that, you could be assured of the pomelo's freshness because the fruits come directly from the farm.

You could even buy them in sacks, which I think will be a lot cheaper...sorry, I forgot to ask how much a sack of pomelo costs, because I was so excited to eat my pomelo. ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

I couldn't give any directions on how to get there :( ...except that you just ask the taxi driver to take you to one of Golden Pomelo's outlet stores or warehouses... or better yet, you can call their office, which is located at 51 Arellano St., Davao City at Tel No:  (082) 226-2820  Telefax (082) 224-2225 or the numbers below to check whether there are stocks available for retail or when (& what time) the stocks will be available at the warehouse.

Davao Golden Pomelo's Outlets:

For more info, please visit Davao Golden Pomelo on Facebook HERE


  1. hi, good pm. im interested to buy pomelo to be resold here in bacolod. how can i can i contact you? thanks

    1. Hi Tess, sorry but I am not connected with them. Their contact details are indicated above. Pls contact them directly. You can also check out their FB page, also indicated above. Thanks.

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  3. In Davao, shopping for pomelo is a delight. The bustling markets offer a vibrant array of this tropical fruit, renowned for its sweet taste and refreshing aroma. Locals and tourists alike flock to stalls, eager to savor the juicy goodness of freshly picked pomelos, a true Davaoan delicacy.
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  6. This post definitely makes me crave some pomelo! While I'm here, I've been thinking about getting some Aluminum Garage Carports for extra shade in the driveway. Does anyone have recommendations for shops in Davao that sell them?