Monday, September 5, 2011

Dapitan Arcade Revisited and Suki Market Discovered

I went to Dapitan Arcade just for the heck of it...or, just to check how the prices were compared to the last time I went here last Nov (only to give myself enough reason :)))....although I really was expecting that prices should be lower (law of supply and demand, right?). 

Well, the place seemed so serene and not as busy (not too many people)....parking was not as difficult and the tents and street vendors outside the arcade were nowhere to be found.

Although I still did see a few vendors at the sidewalk selling these wooden salad or pica pica bowls at an amazing price of P10/pc, depending on the size.  Some were at 3 for P100.  Wow!!

Of course, there were no Christmas decors available for sale yet (one of the stall owners said that they'd start selling Christmas decors around Sept or early Oct.  But the regular stuffs inside the Dapitan Arcade are sold at a much lower price, as expected! .... Ceramic plates, mugs low as P35/pc

The plate stands were a lot cheaper at P150 only...

Decorative plates, colorful canisters and elegant vases...

gift boxes, jewelry and watch boxes...

Rustic candle holders ideal for home and garden decor... 

But since they are factory overruns, you need to scrutinize every item before you buy...

And, my newest discovery was actually found not in Dapitan Arcade but in Suki Market which was just a few steps away.  There were a lot of prepared food at Suki Market ... barbeque, embutido, etc which you could take home, ready to eat.. 

And look, Sushi in a Bilao?  Yes, and the prices are reasonable, too!

 Excellent for parties and potlucks....

Here's the price list of Mary's Sushi posted on their wall.

How to get to Dapitan Arcade or Suki Market:
I think it will be easier if you have your own transpo.  Upon reaching Burger King in Quezon Ave. (near Welcome Rotunda), Kanlaon is the street right next to, you will never miss it.  Just go straight at Kanlaon and you will find Dapitan St. where Dapitan Arcade the 2nd intersection.  Please check the location map below.

Location Map of Dapitan Arcade

Location Map of Suki Market

Please check also my Shopping for Christmas Decors at Dapitan Arcade.

Happy Shopping :o)

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