Friday, November 19, 2010

Shopping for Christmas Decors at Dapitan Arcade

Christmas is my favorite season of the year, not only because it's the shopping season, but it's that unique feeling of warmth and happiness, as well, associated with this season.  So, to get into that Christmassy feeling, I headed to Dapitan Arcade to buy Christmas decors. Dapitan Arcade, located at Kanlaon Ave. corner Dapitan Street in Quezon City, has been the go-to place for Christmas decor shopping, so I need to check it out!

Almost all items here are export overruns. And there are unique Christmas decors not found in any department stores with price ranging from P200 to P500 only.  But you still need to bargain, and that's my favorite thing!

I've always loved candles and candle holders (yes, kahit walang candles, haha) because they could infuse cozy vibes to a room. But I find these a little bit pricey.....between P600 and P1500.

Good quality vases around P200 to P500 depending on the size.....

More Christmas decors could also be found outside and across the Arcade.  Sooo cheap!

These wrought iron accessories/holders and hand-painted ceramic plates were absolutely gorgeous at P250 to P800 only!

How to get to Dapitan Arcade:
I think it will be easier if you have your own transpo.  Upon reaching Burger King in Quezon Ave. (near Welcome Rotunda), Kanlaon is the street right next to will never miss it.  Just go straight to Kanlaon and you will find Dapitan St. where Dapitan Arcade the 2nd intersection. Please check the location map below.

Please check also Dapitan Arcade Revisited & Suki Market Discovered.

Happy Shopping :o)


  1. Hi its me again, Jen. i like the wrought iron. What specific stall eto sa dapitan? mukhang dito na ako pupunta at mamimili. meron pa ba mga ganito nung nagpunta ka? when was the last time you visited dapitan?

    Thank you

    1. Naku..ako rin, I loved the wrought iron plate holder. Meron nyan lagi and, mas mura pag hindi holiday season! (sympre law of supply & demand) Pls check my post on Dapitan Arcade Revisited.

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