Saturday, August 12, 2023

Feel the cool difference! Rohto, world no.1 Eye Care Brand, is now available in the Philippines

The Japanese brand introduces the first cooling eye drops in the country

Taking care of your eyes in the modern world isn’t easy: screens everywhere, eye-straining activities at work and at home, outdoor elements, and more present difficult challenges. How is anyone supposed to get relief from minor eye discomforts? Rohto, the number 1 eye care brand in the world, is now available in the Philippines!

As a Japanese brand that’s known for its innovative products with signature cooling sensation, Rohto is bringing in the first-ever cooling eye drops in the country with Rohto Cool Eye Drops to deliver instant and effective relief from dry, irritated, or itchy eyes. It comes with Cooling Level 5 to introduce a fun and refreshing way to rejuvenate your eyes and provide them a soothing cool boost of comfort with each drop.

Use it whenever you experience eye-strain symptoms after long exposure to digital screens or after you’re exposed to irritants like smog, dust, wind, sun glare, and chlorinated water. It’s also good to have it handy to keep you awake if you’re embarking on a long drive or to prevent dry eyes whenever you’re staying in air-conditioned places like your office.

If you’re looking for something with a gentle moisturizing formula, try out Rohto Aqua Eye Drops that also provide instant and effective relief from the same minor eye discomforts. Both Rohto variants effectively retain natural tears and moisture in the eyes to prevent eye surface dryness, deliver oxygen and nutrients to the cornea, wash out dust and debris from the eyes, and prevent bacteria and other germs from entering to give you all-day comfort. They can also be used even if you’re wearing contact lenses. In fact, the eye drops offer a moisturizing protective veil that makes removing the lenses easier even after a long day.

The benefits of Rohto eye drops are not limited to their instant and effective cooling and moisturizing relief, they are also extremely safe to use. With over 100 years of experience producing and marketing eye drops and the number 1 eye care brand in the world, Rohto is committed to maintaining superior formulation and high safety standards, backed by the credibility and expertise of Rohto Pharmaceutical

Japan. The brand has developed a patented nozzle that allows you to effortlessly apply the eye drops from any angle—a stark contrast to typical containers that require tilting at a 90-degree angle for the droplets to fall.

It’s recommended to use Rohto Cool and Aqua Eye Drops five to six times per day. Apply 1 to 2 drops per eye each time you use it to get instant and effective relief!

Experience the cool difference and make eyecare a part of your daily habit with Rohto, now available at Watsons Online Shop and at a Watsons store near you for P175 each.

Discover the refreshing world of Rohto eye drops and say bye to minor eye discomforts, follow Rohto on Facebook @rohtoph and Instagram @rohtoeyedropsph. Please also visit their website at

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