Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Cool Up Your Summer With Beko Air Conditioners

Say hello to the season of heat — this is the season where we all tend to cool down ourselves, so this is the time we seek ways to keep ourselves cool even with the summer heat.


You can enjoy the heat season without breaking the bank since the global appliance brand Beko offers a wide range of energy-efficient air conditioners to let you escape the summer heat and beat high electricity bills.

Feel refreshed with the Beko BSEOG Split Air Conditioner series! The Beko BSEOG Inverter Premium Series includes features such as the Double Gold Guard. It is an evaporator and condenser coil coated with hydrophilic gold and can improve heating efficiency by accelerating defrosting. This evaporator and condenser can withstand the salty, air, rain, and other corrosive elements and it effectively prevents bacteria build up.

Worry no more about cleaning as it has a Go Clean feature, a frost cleaning system where the evaporator coils blow hot air to defrost the ice and dry it thoroughly.

You might also be moving around your home to do some chores. Just like the Beko BSEOG 120 and BSEOG 121, it's a great thing that these air conditioners have a Zone Follow feature where you can get more precise and effective temperature control. The remote controller sensor will sense the temperature around the user to ensure an even temperature for user comfort.

Beko air conditioners have 4D Air Outlet technologies that lets you now feel comfortable every inch of your room that lets you focus on your tasks.


Got plans to stay outside? Welcome yourself home with comfort since you can open your Beko air conditioner even when you’re away with HomeWhiz! With this feature, you can control your Beko BSEOG air conditioner from your smartphone by connecting to the internet, even outside. HomeWhiz allows you to keep the ideal conditions for you to feel comfortable until you're back home.

Worried about the dirt that's in the air? Worry no more since the BSEOG series also contains a MicroClean filter that captures tiny airborne dust particles that may pollute the air.

With the self-cleaning feature, the air conditioner could provide clean air to the user, preventing bacteria from breeding in the unit. Even when you turn the unit off, it will keep running to ensure the coil surfaces are totally dry, protecting them from getting rusty, before stopping automatically.

So, what are you waiting for? Cool your home and feel comfortable with Beko's air conditioners this summer!

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For more information about Beko in the Philippines, go to http://beko.ph or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/bekoph and their Instagram page at https://www.instagram.com/bekoph/.

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