Wednesday, April 19, 2023

VIRAL: Young girls share why they're #PeriodDistancing –and how they’re putting a period to it through Whisper!


From social distancing comes #PeriodDistancing. As the world reopens and people are back to face-to-face interactions, some girls are feeling consumed by the pressure and anxiety of having to closely engage with their friends and family once again— and now, it’s because of their menstrual period and odors.

Avoiding cramped, enclosed spaces, and long commutes, young women have inadvertently started talking about a new distancing practice, called “#PeriodDistancing”, as a way of keeping their peers from being able to smell their period odor and avoid embarrassment.

What was once a taboo topic, these girls share on their TikTok videos how they forced themselves to skip important family gatherings, school and work engagements, miss out on those long, overdue catch-ups with friends, and avoid visiting their favorite hang-out places so people won’t notice the fishy or “malansang” odor of their period.

Zooming in on Period Odor

Why do girls experience period odor in the first place?

Menstrual blood, a combination of blood and uterine lining tissue, has a distinct smell. Period blood can have a unique metallic-like odor and it is primarily because of iron present in period blood. This is normally not a cause for concern and usually goes away after periods. Some may also notice and describe the smell as “fishy” or “rotten”, which usually indicates an infection such as bacterial vaginosis or other problems.

Period odors may indeed indicate a health issue especially if it lasts several days, so it is important to listen to our bodies and visit the doctor if needed. There are many other things contributing to the peculiar and sometimes unpleasant smell so identifying the cause of the odors will help girls address the problem. Like for instance, sometimes unusual smells may also be related to hygiene, so it is recommended to practice good menstrual hygiene and change period pads every two to six hours or more frequently if a person’s period is heavy.

With F2F activities now in full swing, it can be especially tricky for girls to cope with period odor while outside when changing pads as needed is not always possible and when their current pad is not absorbent enough.

Turning Period Pressures into #PRESKOnfidence

While there shouldn't be any reason to feel ashamed about what is simply a normal bodily function, rarely do girls feel that way in real life. And just because girls have been going through period every month, it doesn't mean they have it all figured out.

But as the saying goes, a burden shared is a burden halved. It’s a good thing that more and more young women have stopped shying away from discussing their #PeriodDistancing experiences and have even taken online to talk about it with their fellow girls. This social trend has unloaded a great deal of period pressure for young women.

Girls who were able to relate have flooded the comments section of #PeriodDistancing posts with encouraging words and virtual hugs, validating each other's experiences, and removing the shame associated with it. More importantly, they’ve also shared useful tips and information on how to minimize period odors through proper menstrual hygiene management such as washing their vaginal area regularly and changing pads more frequently.

Along with proper hygiene management, these girls have also found a new period ‘bestie’ in the new and improved Whisper 3-in-1 Floral Freshness

The NEW Whisper Floral Freshness has rapid dry absorption, breathable top layer which is known to help prevent stuffy and sweaty feeling, and a new floral fresh scent for odor control.  Whisper has gifted hundreds of girls with the Whisper Floral Freshness and are now expressing their delight with the new and improved pad benefits, saying that it helped them have more #PRESKOnfidence to face interactions and activities during period days.

F2F Freshness in PRESKO Campus Caravan

Celebrating Women's Month, Whisper has brought young girls even closer with the PRESKO Campus Caravan. Together with World Vision Philippines represented by their Health and Nutrition Specialist Diana-Marie Nachor, GenZ influencer and host Aiyana Perlas, and Whisper’s partner schools, the caravan has kicked off in President Corazon High School (Baseco), Sauyo High School (Quezon City) and Catmon Integrated High School (Malabon City).

Apart from interactive talks and educational games on period, the event also encouraged students to freely share their questions, struggles, and stories about menstruation and normalize period conversations.

Setting another milestone for the brand’s advocacy on menstrual hygiene and girls’ empowerment, Whisper’s PRESKO squad has now grown to include the school communities in what was dubbed as the PRESKOmmunity. Newly officiated Campus Ambassadors proudly embraced their new role in leading their school in the sharing of PRESKOnfidence, breaking the stigma around menstruation, and putting a period to #PeriodDistancing by sharing more information on menstrual hygiene and confidence.

Join the Whisper #PRESKOmmunity today by following @WhisperPhilippines and keep the fun and freshness with your squads — sans the distance!

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