Thursday, December 22, 2022

What’s your Acnes journey? These young content creators get real about acne

Leon Barretto, Hazel Quing, and Ruzz Melendez share their true skin-stories

In a picture-perfect Instagram and TikTok world, it’s easy to hide acne spots with a filter or a fun sticker and present the best version of yourself. But in the screen-less real world, covering up breakouts can be quite the work. While getting acne is normal, its effects on a person can cut more than just skin-deep. It can take a toll on one’s emotional and mental wellbeing, especially on younger people.


According to the American Academy of Dermatology Association, people with acne can also develop low self-esteem, poor self-image, loneliness, and worse, depression. Acne can keep them from living their best lives out of embarrassment and even bullying in some cases.


Young Filipino content creators Leon Barretto, Hazel Quing, and Ruzz Melendez have opened about their real and raw acne stories. Leon and Ruzz share that they have been experiencing severe breakouts throughout their teenage years—and most of them are triggered by lack of sleep, oily food, and stress for Leon and hormones, dairy, and stress for Ruzz. Hazel only experienced her worst acne at the height of the pandemic because of face masks.

While the causes of their breakouts are unique to their own lifestyles, all three agree that acne affected not only their physical appearance, but their self-confidence too. In their own experiences, breakouts made their camera-centered work more difficult and even made them lose opportunities.

“It definitely lowered my self-esteem as I was conscious to be around people and was worried they would stare or judge. I was also concerned that my breakouts could lead to acne scars,” Leon says. “As a content creator who needs to be camera-ready all the time, having acne and post acne scars can be quite a challenge.”

Hazel also shares the same woes, pointing out that maskne made her work as a content creator more demanding. “I came to a point where I was always conscious to vlog because whenever I look at the camera, I see acne spots all over my face. I kept re-shooting videos since I was not confident about how I looked. I got so stressed and tired knowing that I had to double my effort to accomplish work,” she underlines.

Ruzz, meanwhile, got passed up for a basketball courtside reporting opportunity during his college years because of his acne. “Acne made a huge impact in my life. I was afraid to go out because I have this thinking that people are lowkey judging me or their focus will be on my acne,” he expresses. “Right now, there's still an expectation that if you are a content creator about skincare, you should have clear skin always, I use my platform to educate my viewers to see acne as something that may be difficult to control but still possible!”

With their acne journey, the three young content creators learned the importance of using the right products to treat their skin issues. One of the must-have products in their skincare routine is the top anti-acne brand from Japan, Acnes, that’s now available in the Philippines. Made with the Asian skin in mind, the trusted acne expert offers an effective range of products with the best quality acne-fighting ingredients like Centella Asiatica or Cica extract that’s proven to aid in the recovery of blemishes.

Leon, Hazel, and Ruzz all swear by using one of the brand’s trusted simple solutions, the Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel that’s known to help shrink acne in as fast as 3 days. With a gentle formula that is close to the skin’s natural pH level, the lightweight refreshing spot gel doesn’t irritate the skin and helps lighten acne scars.

Leon stresses that apart from its effectiveness, Acnes also offers uncomplicated skincare solutions. “The different products such as the Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel helped remove my post acne scars, prevented major breakouts, and so much more. My skin started to look healthier and fresher!”

Hazel, a long time Acnes fan having seen them everywhere in Japan, calls the brand a lifesaver. “I’m so lucky and happy that I discovered a great match for my type of skin. Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel works like magic as it heals and dries pimples on my face.”

Ruzz, meanwhile, says it’s so refreshing to see a brand that's specifically made for acne-prone skin people. “The products are well thought out and the formula is something I don't usually see with skincare products now in the market. I really like the Acnes Anti-Acne Spot Gel because it was able to help me with the little bumps on my nose area. I used it for 20+ days and I saw the improvements!”


The Japanese brand that enjoys great popularity in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand also offers products that complete one’s anti-acne skincare routine. It has Acnes Creamy Wash, an amino acid soap-free cleanser that’s formulated for sensitive acne-prone skin; Acnes Powder Lotion that can help balance sebum to prevent clogged pores; Acnes Oil-Control Moisturizer that can replenish moisture and soothe skin; and Acnes Anti-Acne Pimple Patch that repairs and heals breakouts with pus and active wounds.

Don’t let breakouts bring you down and keep you from living the life you’ve always wanted. Your acne journey can have a happy ending. Through acne care expert Acnes, you can clear up and cheer up knowing you’re getting the best formulated products for your acne-prone skin!

Acnes is now available at Watsons and Mercury Drug branches nationwide, and online at and at the official Mentholatum store on Lazada and Shopee. Acnes Anti-Acne Pimple Patch is exclusively available at Watsons

Clear up and cheer up by making Acnes a part of your journey to acne-free skin today, follow @AcnesPH on Facebook and Instagram.

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