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Laundry Care Solutions for You


When it comes to washing machines, one of the critical deciding points is, do you get a front load or a top load washer? Both types have their own qualities, depending on your budget, needs and preferences.

To help you decide which type of washer suits your home, it’s important to know their differences and advantages. Toshiba Lifestyle Solutions, a world leader in home solutions, provides great options to help families decide what kind of washing machine fits their needs. Toshiba is fueled by its Takumi spirit, the principle of using the best materials crafted with superior techniques that reflect true Toshiba’s Japanese technology, craftsmanship, perfection, and precision.


Toshiba 11/7 kg Washer Drying Front Load machine

For instance, the Toshiba 11/7 kg Washer Drying Front Load machine has Great Waves Technology that combines three powerful waves for thorough and thoughtful washing - Flush Wave, Cold Wash, and Color Alive -- to ensure that each and every load of laundry yields enhanced color protection for your favorite fabrics and greater energy savings. This machine is also intelligently engineered with Sense Dry Technology that senses the right drying temperature and humidity levels – it automatically stops the drying process at the right time to protect your clothes from over-drying and makes the drying more efficient – letting you spend more tiny moments of happiness with your family.

Toshiba 8 kg Inverter Front Load Combo Washing Machine

Aside from cleaning efficiency, many buyers look for smart features which are mostly available in front load washers. For instance, the Toshiba 8kg Inverter Front Load Combo Washing Machine is engineered with Sense Dose Smart feature that automatically detects the weight of every load while dispensing the right amount of water that your clothes need, even the softener and detergent that it requires. This washer also uses up to 70% less water. It also has an inverter function that reduces energy consumption for a truly energy-efficient wash, every time.

Despite the smart features of front load washers, many buyers still opt for top load washing machines for ease of use, safety, and convenience. They are designed so you can put clothes inside them from the top, making it easier and more comfortable for you to load and unload your clothes into the washer instead of bending down. 

Toshiba 7 kg Fully Auto Top Load Washing Machine

With each of  its home solutions bearing the user in mind, the Toshiba 7 kg Fully Auto Top Load Washing Machine which has 92.0 cm in height offers safe, comfortable, easy-to-reach, and faster loading and unloading of your laundry. You can also be safe from hand or finger injury, thanks to its Soft Close Lid feature. With its Great Waves Technology, you can also enhance the color protection of your precious fabrics, and finish your laundry, all in just 15 minutes!

Toshiba 7kg Twin Tub Washing Machine

Aside from convenience, top loads also have a larger capacity. For a high-performance washing experience, the Toshiba 7kg Twin Tub Washing Machine can hold up to 7kg capacity ideal for family size of four, with a durable Double Wall ABS Plastic material that protects the drum against rust and congestion due to high impact, so you won’t have to about providing your whole family with fresh and clean clothes allowing you to finish your laundry in just a breeze with little to no effort.

Understanding the differences between front load and top top-load washers will greatly help you select the right type of washer that suits your and your family’s needs. Discover which type of washer suits you and your family with Toshiba washing machines which are available at all leading and major appliance stores nationwide. To know more about Toshiba products and its efficient after-sales services, log on to , or visit any leading appliance stores nationwide.

To check more products, visit Toshiba’s online flagship stores on Lazada and Shopee Mall . You can also follow Toshiba’s official social media pages @toshibalifestylephilppines on Facebook, toshibalifestyleph on Instagram, Toshiba Lifestyle on Youtube, and @toshibalifestylephilippines on Tiktok.

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