Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Hotel H20 Best Deal-cation Promo

From amazing aquarium walls to iconic Manila Bay views, our room packages come with everything you need to make that perfect fun-filled getaway. Check out Hotel H20 Best Deal-cation Promo!

Take advantage of the best-priced stays complete with a mini breakfast buffet, Manila Ocean Park tickets, welcome drinks at the bar, and access to the gym and outdoor pool.

Booking dates: until September 30, 2022

Stay dates: September 1, 2022 to September 30, 2022

Book direct at to get the best, exclusive deal-cation ever!

For bookings and inquiries, please call them at (+632) 7238- 6100 ext. 6172 and 6180, or send them an email at

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  1. WARNING don't take this promo, you will regret it. I took this promo like 5 months ago and I used my credit card to charge the fee back as we left the room after 4 hours it was so awful (cockroaches, rat poo, a 2 cm layer of dust in all corners, black mold in the bathroom). This hotel used to be OK pre-pandemic and I have stayed there a dozen times but its a trash dump now. Rooms are filthy and falling apart, the staff is polite but they are untrained and unsupervised, so customer service is truly awful. There is no hot water for the Jacuzzi rooms, the windows haven't been cleaned in many years and the tinting has all bubbled out so you can only see Manila Bay very blurry from your room. Even the Manila Ocean Park is a shell of its former self, 2/3 of the old park is closed, like 3 restaurants are open, the aquarium lost half their fish (the whale shark is gone for example) and 1/10th of the floor vendors are gone. While the H2O's hotel food (Makan, White Moon, etc) has always been pretty marginal, it is really awful now.