Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Samsung Trade-in Smartphone Promo


Check out Samsung's Trade-in Promo! Customers may trade-in their old smartphone (any brand) towards a new Galaxy device at any of the participating stores within the promo period. Only smartphone devices are accepted for smartphone trade-up models and only tablet devices are accepted for tablet trade-up models.
Promo Mechanics:

- Customer surrenders their old smartphone to the TITU point person for evaluation. Only selected smartphones will be accepted and it should be in good working condition. A deduction to the appraised value is possible depending on defects of the smartphone.

- Customers will see on the mobile app the final appraised values of the surrendered devices as shown in the pdf receipt generated by the app. Each traded-in device will have its own receipt.

- Customers must present the final appraised value to the cashier upon purchase, and the net valuation is deducted from the SRP of the new device.

- Customer may only choose between the following payment options. Split payments / Combination of payment option A and B will not be accepted:
a. Straight Payment (Credit Card / Debit / Cash Card / Cash)
b. 0% Credit Card Installment

- Regardless of payment method, customers will get additional TITU Top-Up depending on the new Galaxy Device being purchased and being traded-in.

- The top-ups will be a discount on top of the collective value of the traded-in phones, and will only be applied once per transaction.
Mechanics to avail the Trade-in Trade-up token:

- Customer to get an additional top-up token based on their traded-in any mobile device. This is on top of the residual value discount they will get from their old device’s valuation.

- Traded-In models with launch SRP of P15,000 and above will be accepted and is eligible for token top-up.

- Accepted brands for trade in are the following:
- Smartphones: Samsung, Apple, High C-brands: Huawei, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi
- Tablets: Samsung, Apple, Huawei (please see appendix 2 for the model list).

- Amount of token to be given will vary depending on the traded-in brand of the mobile device. Samsung Trade-in models will receive a higher token top-up vs. Apple, Huawei, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi trade-in devices.