Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Lawson Citibank BGC Reopening Promo


A #LawsonYourZone store returns with exciting discounts!  Check out Lawson's Reopening Promo on May 13, 2022 at  Lawson Citibank, 2/F Citibank Plaza A in BGC for a 1-day special treat! Enjoy Lawson Iced Coffee Blends for P7 only all day!

And don't miss our exclusive discount vouchers on May 14, redeemable for 1 month only at Lawson Citibank. 🎉


  1. citibank opening hours starting from 10 AM in the morning and Closes around 5 PM in the evening. There can be one or two hours difference in the working timings of this bank in a few locations. To know the Specific Hours of Branch better check out the branch timings. Know the Opening and Closing Times of the financial division Citibank during Weekdays from the below table. The timings can differ at times if a Holiday comes during regular days.

  2. Great! I would like to buy Lawson Iced Coffee Blends and enjoy Drift Hunters at the same time