Thursday, May 12, 2022

Experience the Freedom to Style your Hair anytime, anywhere

The future of hair styling is here and it’s changing the beauty industry altogether. Built for on-the-go touch-ups, there’s no excuse for bad hair days with VS Sassoon Rechargeable Cordless Mini series. Free from the limitations of cords, you can experience the freedom of styling anytime, anywhere.

Travel-friendly compact design

VS Sassoon Rechargeable Cordless Mini series packs neatly into your handbag, carry-all gym bag, and suitcase. Having no cord lets you handle and store the styler in the most comfortable and convenient way. Whether you’re taking it to work or to the beach, it will surely get the job done. 

USB rechargeable 

Don’t worry about using VS Sassoon Rechargeable Cordless Mini series when you travel to countries with different voltage sources. The charging cable is compatible with any USB-powered port so you can plug it into your laptop, desktop, car, or power bank. The built-in lithium battery takes 3 hours to completely charge and offers up to 30 minutes of styling so you can achieve the look you desire. There are 2-color LED indicators for battery life and heat setting. Simply switch between low and high temperatures using the power/setting button.

Ceramic, easy-glide styler

VS Sassoon Rechargeable Cordless Mini series takes 3 minutes to heat up to its optimum temperature. Because of the ceramic coating, hair glides through the surface easily so you can create unique hairstyles without any snagging. It also makes it simpler to clean off styling product residue after each use.

Switch to cord-free hair tools now so you can get to wherever you are heading in style! Get the straightener or curler from the VS Sassoon Rechargeable Cordless Mini series in black or white for only P3,250. 

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