Monday, April 11, 2022

Hack your day to smelling good from morning till night with Old Spice

Here’s how you can jump start your day with a refreshing shower and emerge like a brand-new man

Summer’s here and that’s why you’ve been taking longer showers for the past week or two. Whether it’s to hype yourself up and to make sure you’re at your manliest or to soak up all the refreshing water so you don’t get beaten up by the heat, we understand you, man.

If some men powerup after an iced something to beat the heat and get things done, the Old Spice man doesn’t sweat over anything. An Old Spice man has all he needs to prepare himself for the day and give him that extra power up when he needs an extra boost.

So, what does the man’s man routine look like with the Old Spice OG deodorants, body sprays, its new shower gels and bars?


First, you start with a shower with the Old Spice Shower Gel. Are you a Captain or a Wolfthorn? Doesn’t matter, man. After showering with this, you can let the world smell command and charm everyone with the scent of the open ocean, fresh sandalwood, and confidence.

After you shower, follow through with the OG deodorant or body spray. Unleash the power of a beast without wreaking havoc with underarm odor. Leave your mark and smell good all day and forget about leaving tracks on your clothes with the Invisible Solid Deodorant in Bearglove that has the scent of apples, citrus, and a bit of spice that reminds you of an adventure in the forest.

If you don’t fancy the forest, and you’re more a hunter than an adventurer, then you can go for the Old Spice Wolfthorn Body Spray with the smell of mandarin orange and the hunt in just one spray.

Own #TheSmellThatNeverDies and feel the manliest you’ve ever been from day to night! Shop your favorite Old Spice products online on Lazada or Shopee now! 

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