Thursday, September 2, 2021

Switching Gears with Tonino Lamborghini Fragrances


Nothing is as powerful and evocative as a fragrance coming from a brand inspired by luxury automotive. Aside from expressing the scent of speed and grandeur, the fragrance bottle itself is a sure stand out among the rest primarily featuring the brand’s logo and iconic style.

Taking inspiration from its family heritage exhibiting luxury, exclusivity and Italian flair, Tonino Lamborghini Fragrances boast of a wide range of luxury scents that features stylistic details fit for everyone that has a passion for the world of luxury cars.  Extending the brand’s DNA to fragrances allowed Tonino Lamborghini to embody its reputation for both luxury and performance while adapting to the new needs of the ever-changing market.

Tonino Lamborghini introduces ESSENZA, a scent that’s worth a test drive. Inspired by the colors and scents from the heart of the Italian Mediterranean Sea, the name Essenza is an Italian word that represents “the core of its being”. It appeals to the style racer manifesting confidence, boldness, elegance and one who loves the road and all the adventures. This eau de toilette offers a fresh and energizing scent where natural cedar wood, teak and lemons from Capri open up the scent. Enriched with surging fruit notes, the combination of lychee, orange blossom, freesia and vetiver depict a new and long-lasting olfactory experience. Encapsulated in a glass bottle embossed with the brand’s iconic shield with miura bull logo, Essenza transcends time and space with its clean, masculine design creating that feeling of being in the sea.

Tonino Lamborghini Essenza is also offered in gift sets: 

Lamborghini Essenza Tin Set EDT 125ML + After Shave Balm 150ML + Shower Gel 150ML Lamborghini Essenza Set EDT 75ML + After Shave Balm 150ML Window Box.


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