Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Max's Stay Safe at Home Deals


Get sulit deals while you and your family with Max's Stay Safe at Home Bundle Promos! Feast on all your favorites with Max's meals and have them delivered straight to your home!


📞 Orders made directly to store

✅ Metro Manila: 888-79000

✅ Laguna: (049) 502-9999

✅ Cavite: (046) 416-9999

✅ Batangas: (043) 723-2222

✅ Baguio: (074) 442-9999

Max's Safe at Home Bundles - Ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat bundles:

✅ Bundle # 1 for P1,343 includes:
-Max's Fried Chicken
-Chicken Pancit Canton
-Ready-to-Cook Crispy Pata

✅ Bundle # 2 for P1,364 includes:
-Max's Fried Chicken
-Chicken Pancit Canton
-Three (3) Ready-to-Cook Frozen Marinated Bangus

✅ Bundle # 3 for P1,364 includes:
-Max's Fried Chicken
-Chicken Pancit Canton
-Ready-to-Cook Kare-Kare and Max's Bagoong

✅ Bundle # 4 for P1,361 includes:
-Max's Fried Chicken
-Chicken Pancit Canton
-Ready-to-Cook products: Kare-Kare, Max's Bagoong, three (3) Frozen Marinated Bangus, & Crispy Pata

*Not available in Visayas and Mindanao

Sulit Delivery Deals for P999

✅ Delivery Deal 1 includes:
-Whole Fried Chicken
-Pancit Canton
-Sizzling Tofu

✅ Delivery Deal 2 includes:
-Whole Fried Chicken
-Fish Fillet
-Sizzling Tofu 

Max's Halfy Hour Promo - Order from the featured menu to unlock a FREE dish from 2pm to closing.

Get a whole order of any of the following + 1.5L Pepsi:

✅ Max's Fried Chicken (₱700)
✅ Sizzling Tofu (₱469)
✅ Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai (₱400)
✅ Chicken Pancit Canton (₱434)
✅ Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus (₱640)

Choose a FREE half dish to go with your order:
❇️ Chicken Pancit Canton (Half)
❇️ Chicken Lumpiang Shanghai (Half)
❇️ Sizzling Tofu (Half)
❇️ Sweet & Sour Fish Fillet (Whole)

Available from 2PM to closing! 

Max's Fried Chicken at P123 off

✅ P123 discount on our Sarap-to-the-Bones® Whole Fried Chicken. Regular and Family size only.
✅ Available for take-out and delivery on August 1-8, 15, 22, and August 29, 2021.

Max's Rainy Day Specials:

✅ 25% off on whole orders of Sinigang & Nilagang Bulalo
✅ Sinigang Na Tiyan Ng Bangus for P386.25*
✅ Sinigang Na Baboy for P420*
✅ Sinigang Na Hipon for P420*
✅ Nilagang Bulalo for P603.75*
✅ Available for take-out, Curbside ® pick-up, and delivery

*Delivery price

Max's Kare-Kare Supreme Bundle for as low as P999! 

✅ Kare-Kare Bundle includes: 1 Regular Whole Fried Chicken, 1 Sizzling Tofu, and 1 Classic Kare-Kare.
✅ Save as much as P598

*Delivery price - P1,148!

Max's Kare-Kare Buy 1, Get 1 for P919*

✅ Buy one order of Whole Classic Kare-Kare or Crispy Oxtail Kare-Kare at regular price, and get one for FREE

*Delivery price

Max's Kare-Kare Feastival!

✅ Order Classic Kare-Kare & Oxtail Kare-Kare for only P746* instead of P919

*Delivery price

Max's Corner Bakery All-Must-Go

✅ Enjoy 25% discount on select MCB products and desserts from 5PM to closing time, for a minimum purchase of P150.
✅ Only products that has the All-Must-Go tag are included in the promo.
✅ Valid from Mondays to Sundays
✅ Available for take-out transactions only in Max's Restaurant branches in Luzon, except Palawan and Bicol.

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