Wednesday, July 28, 2021

National Lipstick Day is here! Here are 5 modern facts about lipstick you should know about


Women have used lipstick’s enigmatic touch to boost their self-esteem, draw attention to the lips, and show that they can do what was said could not be done. 

So here are five interesting facts about lipstick that you can put on stock next time someone asks why you’ve colored your lips to a bold shade of red:

1.  July 29 is National Lipstick Day!

No one really knows how the holiday started about a decade ago, but almost everyone is on board to celebrate one of mankind’s greatest inventions that boosts our confidence and has ultimately become a symbol of power. Any reason to put on lipstick on any particular day is welcome!

2.  1912 was the year when feminists painted their lips as a sign of emancipation for the Suffragette movement.

While colored lips have been a symbol of power since the ancient times, it actually took a turn a few centuries back when it was deemed controversial as it became associated with prostitution and going against “natural” beauty. But by the early 20th century, pioneers of the Women’s Suffrage took it back as a sign of empowerment and has continued on to today.

3.  The lipstick market size was valued at $8.2 billion in 2018, and is expected to reach $12.5 billion by 2026

Through supermarkets, retail stores, direct selling, and more recently e-commerce, lipstick is now more accessible than ever. Avon reports selling 102 lipsticks via Avon Reps every minute.

With more shades, types, and formulas available in the market, women have all the luxury to choose according to their lifestyle and need, making it one of the most profitable categories in the beauty business, and will continue to grow exponentially in the years to come.

4.  The average woman spends $1780 on lipstick in her lifetime.

That’s 10% of what she spends on every other beauty product she purchases, which is at a whopping $15,000! On average, women will have about seven lipsticks in constant rotation, with two favorites she will use more frequently, according to another study. That’s right ladies: prioritize!

5.  Men will stare at red lips for 7.3 seconds, and only 2.2 seconds for bare lips.

While this University of Manchester research study is helpful, we know most ladies today color their lips because it makes them feel beautiful and confident – not for anything else. But if it grabs attention too, why not. If it works, it works!

Whether as a protest piece or a status symbol, the cultural impact lipstick has brought on to womankind has been undeniable. Lipstick isn’t simply a beauty essential - it’s a revolution and it’s here to stay, because what matters lasts. 

This year, Avon celebrates National Lipstick Day by inviting women to wear lipstick anyway, no matter what, even under a mask. Join the movement and get a chance to win Avon lipsticks, just visit Avon's official Facebook and Instagram pages to know more.

The next time you decide to glam up, swipe with the Avon Powerstay Matte Bullet Lipstick that promises up to 10 hours of smudge-free boldness yet lightweight full coverage, so you can wear lipstick no matter what! Check the full collection at or through your local Avon representatives!

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