Friday, May 28, 2021

The Bigger the Hustle, the Bigger the Treat: 5 Ways to Supersize Your Me Time #PiattosTime


Going for the hustle means one thing: whether it’s done from the comfort of one’s home or through rigors of the outside world, hustling is all about chasing and achieving goals, creating a positive cycle of self-motivation and productivity.

And when goals are already achieved, it’s always important to take a step back and enjoy the little moments of Me Time. Having time for yourself is essential, as Me Time is the fun element that allows you to keep going with your hustle, or the reward you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your efforts.

One way you can elevate your Me Time is by indulging in your favorite treat! Iconic snack brand Piattos is launching the NEW Piattos Supersized, the supersized snack that will satisfy your supersized cravings. The new Piattos Supersized is available in two flavors: classic and mouth-watering Cheese and the new Sour Cream and Onion, both of which now have bigger chips and bigger flavor! 

The new Piattos Supersized is best enjoyed during your me time to give you supersized good vibes. To make the most of your supersized Me Time, here are fun ways you can enjoy your new Piattos Supersized:

1. Pick up a new hobby you’ve always wanted to try 

There are days when you’re just too busy to do other things, so when you have your much needed downtime, it’s best to try out that hobby you’ve been eyeing for a while now! It’s always a rewarding feeling when you succeed with your hobby, giving you the confidence to try out new fun activities you can also share with everyone else in the future.  

2. Disconnect for the day

Sometimes, it can be pretty rewarding to just tune out all the things that cause you stress. You can’t really have fun if you’re constantly being disturbed, so go ahead and switch on the airplane mode. Me Time just hits different when you physically cut out all interference.

3. Checkout everything in your cart

You deserve to treat yourself every now and then by supersizing on rewards. Now’s the perfect time to reward yourself with plenty of gifts by checking out all the items you’ve added to cart, because you deserve it! 

4. Catch up on your fun “to do” list

Remember all the books you’ve bought but never opened, the games you’ve started but never finished, or all the titles you’ve added to your movie list? It’s time to finally catch up on the list that truly matters for fun. No work, no chores—just pure entertainment for hours on end. 

5. Have an all-out snack session

There’s no better option than food as the perfect reward to give to yourself, especially if you’re munching on your favorite treat! The NEW Piattos Supersized lets you enjoy your me time even better, thanks to supersized chips that will definitely satisfy supersized cravings! 

Supersize your me time and reward yourself with the NEW Piattos Supersized, now available at a store near you and online via Shopee and Lazada. 

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