Tuesday, May 18, 2021

LEGO x FRIENDS Keychains now available!


Calling all FRIENDS fans!  All 6 LEGO minifigures are now available (as keychains) in-store and online!

LEGO® Extended Lines:

📍 Ross Key Chain

📍 Chandler Key Chain

📍 Joey Key Chain

📍 Rachel Key Chain

📍 Monica Key Chain

📍 Phoebe Key Chain

 SRP: P349.75

Also available are some Star Wars, Harry Potter key chains.


Available in all LEGO Certified Stores: 

*Call any of the stores below to inquire! 📱☎📞

•LCS TriNoma (02) 7-9432354; 0998-5515799

•LCS The 30th (02) 7-9436319; 0998-5515798

•LCS ATC 0943557413

•LCS UPTC (02) 7-9439600; 0998-5515794

•LCS BGC 0995-8345647; 0998-5515792

Available also at www.bankeebricks.ph 

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