Thursday, August 13, 2020

True Boss QuaranTEAn Delight Promo during MECQ: Aug 2020

The boss cares for everyone’s safety and at the same time don’t want you to miss on your fruit tea cravings. Stay safe at home during this MECQ!  Indulge in True Boss' QuaranTEAn Delight Promo!

Buy one medium Fruit Tea with Cheese Milk Foam (P145), and get one Fruit Enzyme Plus drink for FREE!

This promo is available for direct orders only! To order, call them at:
📞 E.Rod (02)7900 2076 / (0906) 2945070
📞 West Ave (02)7747 3171 / (0916) 2709916
📞 SM MOA (02)7746 4608 / (0967) 4524087

Promo runs until August 18, 2020

True Boss is a new specialty drink shop, which specializes in fruit enzymes. The fruit enzymes boost metabolism, inhibit synthesis of fat and eliminates fatigue!

How is the drink healthy?
a.) They use minimal sugar and the sugar they use is sugar cane (not refined sugar)
b.) They don’t use powder for their drinks
c.) The raw materials they use have SGS Certification

You may visit True Boss on Facebook and True Boss on IG for more info.


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