Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Tokyo Tokyo Ready-to-Cook Packs + Mixed Bestsellers Tray Promo Available for Take-out & Delivery

Tokyo Tokyo's Mixed Bestsellers Tray Promo runs until May 30, 2020 to help you with daily meal planning! Get FREE 30 pcs Potato Balls when you order a Mixed Bestseller Tray. Available for take-out and delivery at selected stores.

Tokyo Tokyo Mixed Best-Sellers Tray Promo Mechanics:
  • Customers can get a 30 pcs Potato Balls for every purchase of any Mixed Party Tray and save as much as P300.
  • Customers can avail of the promo via Take-Out and Delivery Only
  • Promo is available in all open stores nationwide. (Kindly see Tokyo Tokyo's list of available stores HERE.
  • Promo is available from April 29, 2020 to May 30, 2020
  • Promo is not available in conjunction with other promos and discounts. 
  • In purchase of  goods and services which are on promotional discount can avail the promotional discount provided under the Senior Citizens Act of 2010, whichever is higher.

Your Japanese favorites can be ordered for delivery, take-out, Grab Food and LalaFood. For delivery, you may order through our hotline #TOKYO.  For Globe subscribers, please dial 8-477-1000 instead of #TOKYO.  You can also call the store directly.

For take-out, you may call the store directly to place your orders in advance.

Please note that prices may vary in certain stores.

You can also cook your Tokyo Tokyo favorites at home and satisfy your Japanese cravings anytime you want to! You can order Tokyo Tokyo's Ready-To-Cook Packs like Beef Misono and Chicken Karaage in select branches via Take-out and Delivery.

You can view the list of open branches here 👉👉 Tokyo Tokyo Store Hours

*Reselling is not allowed

Tokyo Tokyo Ready-to-Cook Pack Instructions

Please store product in freezer immediately after purchase.
If the product is thawed, it must be cooked and consumed immediately.
Ready-to-cook packs do not include breading, sauce, rice or vegetables.

1.  HOW TO COOK Beef Misono (Marinated)
- Thaw marinated beef in chiller for 12 hours or thaw in water for 15 minutes
- Cook on non-stick pan with oil for 3 minutes

2. HOW TO COOK Frozen Chicken Karaage (Marinated, Ready-to-Cook)
- Thaw chicken in chiller for 12 hours or double pack in plastic and thaw in water for 45 minutes
 - Heat up cooking oil
- In a separate bowl, mix equal parts flour and cornstarch for breading mixture. Add salt and pepper to taste
- Fully coat chicken pieces in breading mixture
- Deep fry for 3.5 minutes (Note: Occasionally mix using tongs to separate pieces while cooking)

3. HOW TO COOK; Wagyu Cubes
12 sticks of Frozen wagyu cubes that is perfect to grill or pan-fried. You may add a bit of glaze like like Teriyaki sauce to boost the flavor as you cook.
- Thaw Wagyu Cubes in chiller for 12 hours or double pack in plastic and thaw in water for 15 minutes
- Grill for 5 minutes (2.5 minutes / side)

4. HOW TO COOK Beef Yakiniku (Marinated)
- Thaw marinated beef in chiller for 12 hours or thaw in water for 45 minutes
- Cook on non-stick pan with oil for 2 minutes

5. HOW TO COOK Chicken Gyoza (Ready-to-Cook)
-  Heat up oil in a non-stick pan or skillet
- Arrange gyoza in heated pan or skillet, ensure to put enough distance from each other
- Add 2 tablespoons water for every 6 pcs Gyoza
 - Cover and cook for 4 minutes

Don't forget to wear your mask properly, and follow Food Safety.

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