Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Red Ribbon opens more Stores...because life’s milestones are worth Celebrating!

Celebrating life’s milestones such as birthdays, graduations, and other special occasions, mean so much to everyone. These moments make wonderful memories as people spend precious time in the company of their loved ones. That is why in their own little way, Red Ribbon makes it easier and sweeter for everyone to celebrate these special moments, by opening more stores beginning April 20, 2020.

While menu and selling hours need to be limited due to the Enhanced Community Quarantine restrictions, Red Ribbon makes certain that the delectable cakes and pastries people have always loved are created and handled safely with a lot of extra care.

Among the best-loved products available in stores are all-time favorites Black Forest, Chocolate Dedication Cake, Triple Chocolate Roll, Ube Bloom, Mocha Dedication Cake, Cheesy Ensaimada, and Butter Mamon.

With Red Ribbon opening its doors once again, more families can safely celebrate their milestones and strengthen bonds over their favorite cakes and pastries. Select Red Ribbon stores will also offer delivery services to bring the sweetness closer to one’s doorstep.

For the list of operating stores and available services (i.e. Red Ribbon Delivery Hotline, Red Ribbon Facebook Messenger Chatbot Ordering Service, Grab Food, and Food Panda), visit this LINK.

Please remember that while on public places, we need to wear mark - properly!  Please also check Food Take-Out Safety Tips!

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