Saturday, March 28, 2020

Some Safety Questions on COVID-19 Answered!

Claudio Swartz/Unsplash

Frequent and proper hand washing, and physical distancing are always the key precautions to keep us safe from Coronovirus.  But some of you may have some questions regarding social distancing from your partners, using reusable bags in grocery stores, and more!  Doctors from Canada answered some of the safety questions about COVID-19 via CBC News: The National. Watch the videos below.... Please note 'though that some questions and answers may not be applicable to us.

Should I wear a mask at the supermarket?  

Do I need to wipe down my delivered groceries, and packages?

Can the virus stick to my jacket when I go outdoors?  

If I'm returning home from travel abroad, when does self-isolation start?

Should I be disinfecting the fruits and vegetables I buy from the grocery store?  If so, how?

Are children more resilient to this Coronavirus?  Why?

Does the kind of soap I use to wash my hands matter?

Do anti-inflammatory meds, like Ibuprofen (Ponstan) really make you more susceptible to the virus?

When does someone need to go to the hospital?

As a frontliner worker, like a grocery store staff, how can I keep my family safe after I come home?

What are the risks to pregnant women?

What is your advice to those who feel nervous about this virus?

Should you be social distancing from your partner if you live together?

Do I need to wash my hands regularly while at home, or only after I've had contact with the outside world?

If I've been mainly staying at home alone, is it safe to meet up with other people who have also been staying home alone?

How long can this Coronavirus stay airborne is somebody coughs or sneezes.

Can COVID-19 be transmitted through the handling of mail?

Should I change my clothes when I get home?

Sine the virus travels via droplets, and is not airborne, how can you get the virus from someone who is close?

How about pets?

Should we avoid using reusable bags when grocery shopping?

Do seniors with pneumonia vaccine have a protection from the virus?

If someone has recovered from COVID-19, is it possible to get it a second time?

Remember to stay home to #flattenthecurve!  Keep safe everyone!


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