Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Grab the Best Matches for your Home with the Electrolux Perfect Pairs Promo: Feb-Mar 2020

Catch amazing deals and discounts on Electrolux home appliances with the Perfect Pairs Promo, available at leading appliance stores nationwide!

This 2020, keep your clothes and kitchen looking and smelling fresh with amazing appliance deals from the Electrolux Perfect Pair Promo! Happening from February 1 to March 31 2020, get the chance to take home appliance systems that complement each other and avail of special discounts and freebies when you buy selected Electrolux appliances in leading stores across the country.

Get a special discount plus a free stacking kit (worth P2,599) when you purchase the Electrolux UltimateCare™ Front Load Washing Machine with the UltimateCare™ 500 Front Load Dryer, the perfect combo that cares for your clothes so they look newer for longer.

Technology in washing machines has come a long way. Washing machines today do not only clean clothes but also come with a host of features. Check out models that are designed to help keep clothes looking new and vibrant.

As you invest in your washing machine, it’s also worth looking into a dryer especially one that comes from the same brand as they may have features that complement or match each other. Since they’re coming from the same manufacturer, expect to see complementing styles as well. And if you’re worried about the space that two appliances can take, you can always opt for stackable washer and dryer to maximize space.

The Electrolux UltimateCare™ 500 Front Load Washing Machine and the UltimateCare™ 500 Front Load Dryer combo is the perfect pair when it comes to laundry care. The UltimateCare™ 500 Washing Machine eradicates 99.9% of germs and allergens.

It also comes with the Add Clothes function that allows you to quickly add forgotten clothes up to 15 minutes after the start of a wash cycle and variable wash times to customize how you care for clothes.

Meanwhile, the UltimateCare™ 500 Front Load Dryer has a Smart Sensor function that customizes the drying time to make sure no piece of clothing is over-dried, keeping fabric at its best even after repeated washing.

Together, the UltimateCare™ 500 Front Load Washing Machine and Dryer helps you reduce ironing with its Vapour Care Technology which gives your clothes a gentle whoosh of vapor to reduce wrinkles by up to 22%.  Add these two in your laundry area without worrying about taking up too much space because the UltimateCare™ Dryer can fit seamlessly with the UltimateCare™ Washing machine with a good stacking kit.

If you’re seeking kitchen upgrades, take home this amazing kitchen deal — get a FREE Electrolux EFT651OX 60 cm. Slim Line Hood when you buy it with the Electrolux EK164500OX Induction Cooking Range.

Preparing healthy, nutritious meals is easy with an induction cooktop. Induction technology directs heat at the bottom surface of the pan, so it can heat food faster. This is also why induction cooktops are energy efficient; no heat is wasted because it is focused on the cookware itself and not its surroundings. Another great benefit of an induction cooktop is safety. The heat is limited to the spot where your pot is placed leaving the rest of the cooktop safe to touch. You don’t have to worry about burning yourself and it’s even safe for kids to give you a hand in cooking.

Optimize your cooking experience by pairing your cooking range with a good range hood. Installing one is a must as range hoods filters smoke and hazardous air during cooking; it also lessens the heat in the kitchen, providing you with a healthier and more comfortable cooking environment.

The Electrolux Induction Cooking Range offers great versatility when it comes to cooking as it comes with an induction cooker with four induction cooking zones and an oven with 8 cooking functions. It’s best paired with the Electrolux 60 cm. Slim Line Hood which comes with grease and carbon filters to remove cooking smoke and odour to give you a fresh kitchen.

Meanwhile, get up to 50% off on Electrolux range hoods when bundled with select Electrolux Cooking Ranges.

For more information on Electrolux appliances and their promos, visit or follow @ElectroluxPhilippines on Facebook and Instagram.


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