Saturday, November 23, 2019

TOMATO SHINJUKU XPRS - Third stage of Collab Project with John Warwicker of tomato - Inspired by the Energy of Shinjuku Tokyo

Japanese fashion brand Onitsuka Tiger continues to appeal to fashionistas around the world with a contemporary collection that combines fashion and sports, heritage and innovation.

On November 8, 2019, Onitsuka Tiger launched "TOMATO SHINJUKU XPRS", the third stage of a collaboration with John Warwicker who is one of the founders of a world renowned multidisciplinary creative studio "tomato".

This collaboration is linked to his self-project "Time I s I space (Time space, Time’s pace)"*. Based on "TIGER HORIZONIA", a modern reinterpretation of Onitsuka Tiger's legacy trail shoes, John expressed the energy of Shinjuku, Tokyo, known as Japan's most prominent downtown, using coloring and graphics, and drawing inspiration from the unique and strong appeal of this town brought by neon signage and the crowd of people endlessly continuing throughout the day. He contains the "sense of speed" of Shinjuku, where numerous people come and go, with "XPRS" of "TOMATO SHINJUKU XPRS" in addition to the meaning of "express".

The collaborated shoes have two colorways, blue and red, and create a pop and active impression by adding pink and yellow evoking the neon of Shinjuku to these base colors.

The shoes are featured in some stores and on

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