Monday, November 18, 2019

It's All About RLove at Robinsons Malls!

When you start seeing buildings decorated in fairy lights and beautiful Christmas accessories,
you know that the holidays are here! Truly, the Christmas Season is the best time to spend time
with your loved ones and create memorable experiences.

The great part is that you don’t need to go very far to plan an eventful celebration. This
Christmas is going to be even more special as Robinsons Malls is set to showcase delightful
holiday experiences across the nation through thematic displays and show dedicated to families
and mall-goers alike, anchored on the gift of RLove.

What is RLove? Glad you asked! Robinsons’ mission is to bring together everything we love
about the holiday season. For some, it will be the presents and food. For others, it’s the
reunions and festivities. And for others still, it’s simply the warmth and joy that is abound during
this time of year. So whether it’s the season’s tidings that we see or we feel, RLove
encompasses all these experiences that we love most about the Christmas season.

Your nearest Robinsons Mall is decked out and ready to be the setting of your memorable
celebrations this Christmas. Here are some ideas of what you can do with friends and family to
spread RLove this season.

Cozy up with a special Christmas drink. 
Sure, everyone's in a frenzy to complete their sticker booklets to redeem that ubiquitous
planner. But consider having a warm drink and a corner couch while listening to Christmas
songs and watching people go by as you while away the afternoon. Choose to do this by
yourself and you've earned a moment of peace with something festive to sip on. Bring a
treasured friend, and you've turned it into a much-needed bonding session.

Go on a festive movie marathon.
You can definitely have a movie marathon at home! You can easily stream some holiday
classics easily, like Home Alone and Love, Actually . For a more elevated and immersive
experience, take your friends to the cinema! There are lots of new movies releasing this season,
so take your pick among the highly-anticipated ones! Frozen 2 is sure to delight Disney fans
both young and old. Arctic Dogs is another great pick. Of course, you also have the new Star
Wars movie coming out soon!

Have a seasonal meal. 
One of the great things about the local foodie scene is that we’re super spoiled for choice. Most
of our beloved restaurants have released holiday specials that we love. Whether you’re in the
mood for traditional Filipino fare, something hearty and comforting, or something new to try,
there’s always going to be a delicious setting for your holiday dates.

Check off your gift-giving list. 
Hit the mall to find awesome options for one special outfit or item of clothing that will put you in
the Yule mood. While you’re at it, make sure your gift-giving list is complete--don’t cram buying gifts the day before Christmas! Take advantage of amazing pre-holiday sales that will help you
find the perfect gifts for friends and family without breaking the bank.

Partake in all the holiday festivities. 
Is there anything better than the sight of a fully decked out Christmas tree being lit up for the
first time this season? If you need that one magical moment to etch in your memory, bring your
family and friends and get a good spot so that you can watch the tree light up at the perfect
moment. There are more festivities happening at Robinsons Malls during this time. Kids can
meet their favorite characters like We Bare Bears , Pokemon , and Peppa Pig . Enjoy shows from
esteemed Filipino musicians, Ryan Cayabyab and Jose Mari Chan. And of course, take some
time to meet and greet Santa!

Whether it's grand gatherings or heartwarming traditions, there is truly no shortage of ways to
have a magical holiday experience with your loved ones. Showcase and express everything you love about this season, because at Robinsons Malls, it’s all about RLove!

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