Thursday, September 5, 2019

Practical Tips For Packing Up Your Home With Kids Around

When you have kids, you develop tricks and life hacks to make everyday tasks just a little bit easier. You keep the house running according to a chore chart or use the precious minutes the little ones are napping to get the most pressing work done.

Moving homes, however, isn’t exactly an everyday task. Without a trustworthy trick in your back pocket for this daunting challenge, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the prospect of packing up all of your belongings while managing your regular childcare. Doing these two things at the same time is possible. By using these helpful tips, you’ll become one of the many families who successfully move into their new homes while artfully balancing their family life.
Plan Far, Far Ahead

Any move is going to require that you plan at least some elements in advance. Moving with your rambunctious family means that you need to start planning well before it seems reasonable. As soon as you decide that you’ll be looking for a new house, let every member of your family know. Older kids, especially, will want to feel involved in the process and will feel less overwhelmed by the change when they are.

Make sure to keep these lines of communication open and then start making detailed checklists. Create these lists just for you and your partner at first. Then, give your children some responsibilities as well to ensure that they feel included in this big life change. Once you have one or two months left until moving day, you should start packing up less-trafficked areas of your home. By going through places like your attic, basement, and guest rooms at this point you’ll get a jumpstart without getting too far ahead of yourself.

Make Packing a Game

The task of packing up your home can be exhausting and seemingly never-ending. For kids and their different perception of time, the process can seem to take even longer. Luckily, you can turn this boring responsibility into a fun activity for the entire family. Make packing into a game by framing it as a scavenger hunt. Ask your kids to find certain groups of items in the home and organize them by type. These groups can include seasonal items like holiday decorations or winter clothes, sports and outdoor gear, and craft supplies. You can then pack these items quickly and easily.

You can also have the kids pack their own things in a round of speed packing. Give each child a large moving box and see who is the first to pack all of their toys. Just make sure they aren’t handling any easily breakable items.

Develop a Labeling System

There’s going to be a lot of boxes when you move with a large family. In this chaos, it is all too easy to get totes and items mixed up or left behind. Creating a labeling system with a color code is going to be the best method for bringing order to this chaos. You can implement this system with colored packing tape or colored labels. Assign each room in the house or each family member a different color to ensure that everything goes to its proper place when you’re in the new home.

In the midst of this system, be sure to keep a pack of essentials with you. Your essentials box will travel with you during the move and should have everything you need in case you’re separated from the rest of your belongings. Pack this box with items such as juice, formula, bottles, snacks, water, medication, diapers, and toys. It’s also a good idea to pack a small bag for each child with a change of clothes, their hygiene items, and their favorite toys.

There’s no avoiding at least a little bit of the chaos that comes with moving with kids. Doing things like planning ahead and getting the kids involved will bring some order to it all. Try using these tricks when you’re thinking about undertaking a big move with your family and you may find that the task becomes just a little bit easier. 

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