Thursday, July 4, 2019

Have a Happy Birthday with Kuya J's Birthday Promo

Birthdays happen only once a year, but that shouldn’t stop you from having a month-long celebration! Make your entire birth month special by spending it with loved ones at Kuya J, the fastest growing chain of Filipino casual dining restaurants in the country.

What better way to celebrate you than getting a FREE meal every day during your birth month at Kuya J? This is how: simply bring at least four (4) of your friends and family, along with any of your valid government-issued IDs with a picture and birth date printed on it.

The discount will be calculated by dividing the total bill by the number of guests. For example, the total bill is P1,000 and the total number of guests is five (5). P1,000 divided by 5 guests is P200. So the group will get P200 off from their total bill.

The treat may be claimed once per day during your birthday month, so why not indulge in Kuya J’s best-selling and mouth-watering dishes as much as you can during your birthday month?

Let’s get the party started! Start counting down the days until you can have your hands on Kuya J’s appetizing and savory meals! For more information on Kuya J’s offerings, visit


  1. ma aavail ba yung birthday promo kung group meal yung order namin?

  2. Hello meron b ulit ung haba birthday discount this october 24

  3. hello halimbawa 8persons kmi bill of 3000 ibig sabihin mas maliit ang discount namin kc marami kmi

  4. Maka avail po ba kami bukas yung birthday ng anak ko.

  5. How about po with senior citizen kasama

  6. Meron po bday treat this november 2020?