Monday, July 8, 2019

Bonchon Bibimbowl All-You-Can Promo: til July 2019

Go all-in with #MyAllInBowl - the Bonchon Bibimbowl. Packed with delicious assortment of K-Style ingredients from top to bottom, this full-feeling treat gives you the complete K–goodness experience in every bite.

Enjoy Bonchon's All-You-Can-Eat Bibimbowl with a large drink for just P250. Available in selected Bonchon stores on all Wednesdays of July 2019. The list of participating stores are indicated below.

Here are the mechanics for our All-You-Can-Eat Bibimbowl Promo:

1. For P250, enjoy UNLIMITED Bibimbowl + 1 large soda.

2. Upgrade with 1 fried egg to your Bibimbowl for an ADDITIONAL FEE of just Php 15.

3. Promo available on ALL WEDNESDAYS of June and July, from 10AM to 9PM at select Bonchon stores. (check below poster)

4. Promo is exclusive to the following flavors ONLY: Samgyeopsal (Korean BBQ), Original Beef, and Fiery Spice.


6. Strictly NO SHARING, NO LEFTOVERS, NO TAKE OUT. Failure to comply will have additional charges.

7. You can only join the promo once.

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