Thursday, February 7, 2019

The Dessert Musuem Promo for Feb 2019 Birthday Celebrators

Hey, sweetie! Is your birthday this February? Head over to The Dessert Museum and bring a friend with you to get a FREE PASS!

*Terms and conditions apply
*One-time availment only
*Not valid in conjunction with any other existing promos and/or during holidays.

How to avail: 

BOOK YOUR PAYING friend ONLY! Then just come with the friend, and present your ID upon arrival.  One is to one ratio. Birthday Celebrator : 1 Paying Friend.     

Examples: 1) FEBRUARY Babies + 2 Paying friends" - Tickets booked ONLINE should be "2 Tickets" only for the PAYING FRIENDS, and FEBRUARY Babies will just present ID upon arrival.   
                  2) If  "2 FEBRUARY Babies, 2 Paying Friends", BOOK TWO TICKETS. 

One time availment for every celebrator only. BOOK YOUR PAYING friend ONLY. 

*Any day within month of FEBRUARY except Holidays and cannot be used in conjunction with any other existing promotions or discounted rate.


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