Monday, February 4, 2019

Lub d Makati - A Great Staycation Find

Within the hustle and bustle of Makati Ave in  Poblacion, Makati, is a place that welcomes tourists and travelers, and provides them with an extraordinary and worthwhile lodging experience - Lub.d Makati.

At first glance, it seemed like a mediocre hostel.  But as soon as we entered the hotel building. the warm greeting of the staff and cool wall graphics quickly changed our minds.

The 2nd floor is where the Reception Area, Game Room, Cafe/Lounge and Co-Working Space can be found. The whole floor gives us a fun and home-y feel. We loved the staff as they were so friendly and helpful in assisting us and everyone else as we checked-in.

There were so many fun things you can do! Arcade and pool table? YES!

After playing or working, you can easily "Grab and Go" something when you get hungry or thirsty.

At the top of the building is where the Restaurant is located.  You'll get to enjoy the view of Makati skyline as you lounge and enjoy your meal.

After we've checked the hotel facilities, we proceeded to our room. We were booked a Barkada Room (Family Room) which accommodates 4 persons. There are also a Dorm-type accommodation and a smaller private room for 2 persons.

There were 4 single beds - like bunk beds that are connected. We liked how the beds were placed and arranged - functional and practical.

We find the toilet and bath a bit small,  It reminded us of some Japan, and HK accommodations we've been to.

Although the room was small, it was very clean and was just enough for a basic traveler's needs. Cleanliness, for us, is the most important thing in any accommodation, and Lub.d Makati didn't disappoint.

We got a truly great staycation experience!  We had a really good time and we knew right at the moment we left that we will definitely be back.

What we probably liked most about Lub.d Makati was that they did everything well and exceeded our expectations. The facilities of the hotel offer so much more to all their guests that no one would want to leave at all.

Their budget-friendly rates was another thing worth taking note of. Other accommodations within the price range offer so much less and with very disappointing amenities.

Thanks to for scoring us this awesome experience! And thanks to Lub.d Makati, for being good at what they do!

To find out the best rates go to and book your stay now at Lub.d Makati!

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