Monday, October 1, 2018

UNIQLO’s Largest Retail Space in Southeast Asia Opens on October 5 2018!

After celebrating its sixth year anniversary in the Philippines, Japanese global apparel retailer, UNIQLO, is now set to debut UNIQLO MANILA – its first Global Flagship Store in the country. The brand’s largest store in Southeast Asia will bring together the very best of UNIQLO LifeWear, service, visual merchandising, store operations and creativity.

“Our Global Flagship Stores are designed as showcases to the world, displaying the very best that UNIQLO has to offer,” said Satoshi Hatase, CEO, UNIQLO Southeast Asia and Oceania. “We see the opening of our Global Flagship Store in Manila as an important step toward UNIQLO growth in the region and globally.”

Apart from the full collection of LifeWear–innovative clothing made for everyone, everywhere–UNIQLO prides itself on being able to customize each in-store experience to meet the needs of customers, no matter where they live. A space that brings together local and global flavor, UNIQLO MANILA seamlessly combines Filipino ingenuity and creativity with the brand’s global and innovative retail expertise to deliver the ultimate Manila shopping experience.

Spanning two levels and covering 4,100 square meters, there will be a host of reasons for UNIQLO fans and customers to be at UNIQLO MANILA when doors open for the very first time on October 5, 2018.


Technology Section
Located on the first floor is a section dedicated to UNIQLO’s proprietary technology products, AIRism and HEATTECH. Here, customers can find ideal innerwear all year round to suit warm, cold, and even transitional weather.

UNIQLO Kids and Baby Section
One of the jewels of UNIQLO MANILA, the Kids and Baby section, will be the biggest in the country.  Located on the first floor of the store, the area will feature the brand’s lineup of innovative and versatile children’s wear, displayed amongst colorful graphics seen on the walls and on the floor. 

Complete Fall and Winter Collection Lineup
The complete lineup of Fall and Winter Collection will be available and customers will be treated to a wealth of products ideal for the season. Key items include cashmere sweaters, Ultra Light Down, and Seamless Down parkas, among others. 


A Dedicated UT and Collaboration Area
The dedicated UT corner on the second floor will showcase UT designs from the most popular collections including MAGIC FOR ALL, Hokusai, SPRZ NY, JUMP 50th, Minions, among others. 

Apart from the largest UT selection in the country, a special mannequin display will showcase a collaborative design project with Japanese stylist Shun Watanabe and Filipino visual artist and UNIQLO MANILA Future Hero, Leeroy New. The display will showcase Watanabe’s on-trend styling with New’s sustainable and eye catching headpieces.

Made for all members of the family, MAGIC FOR ALL is a collaboration between UNIQLO and The Walt Disney Company that aims to enchant people around the world by capturing the wonder of Disney in everyday fashion. Key MAGIC FOR ALL collections featured at UNIQLO MANILA include:

Mickey Blue. This collection is inspired by the rich blue of traditional Japanese indigo.
Mickey Art by Andy Warhol. The collection features the 20th century pop art legend’s take on the beloved icon Mickey Mouse.
LOVE & MICKEY MOUSE COLLECTION BY KATE MOROSS. The collection features the work of visual artist Kate Moross notably through her dynamic monochrome treatments of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse drawings. The designs also incorporate playful lettering for a perfect street style look.

A Sneak Peek at BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment’s Latest Game—JUMP FORCE
Along with the latest collection of JUMP UT, UNIQLO MANILA customers will have the exclusive opportunity to try out the yet-to-be-released game, JUMP FORCE by BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment. This is the first preview of this game in the Philippines and only available at UNIQLO MANILA. The game will launch in 2019, and UNIQLO customers can enjoy the gaming space until December 31, 2018.

Art Pillars by Plus63 Design
A reference to the store’s opening campaign Our Future Is Here, the first floor will feature artworks by members of the Plus63 Design group. Capturing the cultural zeitgeist of the country, the team worked with UNIQLO to create a series of murals depicting scenes of everyday life in the Philippines, taking inspiration from its vibrancy and diversity to tell the story of each Filipino’s journey.

Iconic Atrium and Rotating Mannequins
Iconic Global Flagship Store features are incorporated into UNIQLO MANILA’s design. Highlights include revolving mannequins in the store atrium display windows, and stunning LED displays throughout. 


Balcony and Community Area
UNIQLO MANILA includes a balcony for customers as a quiet respite from the busy store. Set up with lounge furniture by local designer Kenneth Cobonpue, the balcony acts as a community area where shoppers can rest, meet new people, and experience utmost satisfaction after a long day of shopping.

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