Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Canadian Bed sheets, Pillows, Towels Warehouse SALE: September 2018

Check out Canadian Bed sheets, Pillows and Towels Warehouse SALE happening on September 14-15, 2018.  Get the finest deals of up to 70% off from cozy bed sheets, superb comforters, fine duvets, comfy pillows, exquisite towels, and more!

Canadian Warehouse Sale Location:
38 Sta. Ana Drive,
Sun Valley Subdivision, Paranaque City
Sale Hours: 9am to 6pm
Tel:  (632) 799-4779 / 799-4770 (-71)
Credit & debit card transactions accepted


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  5. Too bad I missed this. Will there be another one this year? Will they have bamboo bed sheets on sale?

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