Monday, July 2, 2018

Tim Hortons Buy1 Get1 Iced Capp Promo: July 2018

Tim Hortons joins in the celebration of Canada Day with a Buy1 Get1 Promo! BUY 1 Plain Iced Capp or Iced Capp Supreme (any flavor), and GET another 1 of the same size for FREE ! These signature Tim Hortons drinks will give you a taste (and smell!) of Canada.

This promo runs until July 7, 2018 only in all Tim Hortons branches in the Philippines!


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  2. I went through my local Tim Hortons drive thru and asked them about this promo they said it was only in the STATES!!!! Seriously since when does the States celebrate CANADA!!!! DAY!!! I was so made and left.... ( St. Thomas ) ONTARIO< CANADA BULLSHIT!!!

  3. yes I went to the one in Hamilton ont I said the same thing when does the us celebrate CANADA DAY ….

  4. It clearly states that this promo is only available in the Philippines. Can't you read?


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