Saturday, July 21, 2018

Robinsons Department Store's Curated Home: Designing your Life

Robinsons Department Store has launched a new home brand.  Meant for lovers of beautiful objects, Curated Home puts together carefully chosen items you would expect to find in an exclusive boutique, and makes them more accessible to shoppers.

This is a first for Robinsons Department Store. All the selected pieces carry the Curated Home label and will be available in all branches nationwide, so no need to drive too far. Even better: Everything is priced affordably.

Renowned furniture designer and visual stylist Ito Kish heads the team behind Curated Home. Ito is an expert on interiors, as he ran his own exclusive boutiques in Makati for many years. Now, he is your personal curator. He travels the world for Robinsons Department Store, looking for perfect pieces for your home.

The journey began last year, with a small collection that Ito picked for Robinsons Department Store. The response was overwhelmingly positive and showed that the shoppers of Robinsons Department Store want to live surrounded by beautiful objects.

Curated Home will launch with over 60 hand-picked objects grouped into three collections. The Craft Collection is inspired by the art of decoupage. Expect lots of fanciful plates, pillows, and all manner of bric-a-brac. The design details will be meticulous and colorful. There will be plenty of texture. The warm tones of wood will lend a welcome counter-play.

The Resort Collection is for the individual who loves brute shapes and organic lines. Inspiration comes from stoneware, basketry, ironwork, and clay. Carved textures adorn many of the pieces - mugs, furniture, storage, take your pick.

If you are drawn to water, then swim into the Oceana Collection. Think of the shape of waves, the shimmer of mother of pearl, the iridescence of fish scales on your soft furnishings, vases and bed and bath items. Now you understand bliss.

Ito’s advice: “Mix and match the pieces from the different collections. They will all work together to create your own unique space.”

Coinciding with the Robinsons Department Store Home Fair this July, Curated Home will be available in all Robinsons Department Stores nationwide.

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