Monday, May 21, 2018

PLDT Home Smart Page: Smart Life Anywhere

Whether you are a student, employee or a business executive, you need a journal to organize and keep track of your daily lives.  Everyone is used to jot and scribble down notes with pen and paper. But, what if we could add a digital page that could transform your life into a Smart Life? With Auratech’s PLDT Home Smart Page, you can boost your life with its added functionalities. 

1. Smart Planner - Input, edit and monitor your schedule with the system planner.  We all live in a busy life with so many agendas, it could be:

  • home-related such as doing chores, cleaning and repair schedules, meal planning and budgeting
  • work-related such as project planning, goals, schedule, time management and deadlines
  • personal-related such as friend outings and trip

Whatever activities we have planned, we can easily sort and manage them all with Smart Planner.

2. Smart Home Controller – The Smart Home Controller app’s 3D IR remote control works with any device already in your home.  Control your TV, Cable Box, Home Theater, Radio, DVD Player, Projector, Aircon and more with Smart Page.

3. Smart Connect Home – Connect through 4G, PSTN or VOIP

4. Smart Entertainment – Play games with its quad-core 1.3 Ghz processor

5. Smart Capture – Take photos of your lectures right in front of you with ease with its 8 MP rear camera or join group video conversations with its 2 MP front camera

6. Smart Presentation  - Presentation your ideas in a smart way.  Digitize and animate your brochures, poster, PowerPoint and more for greater audience impact. 

7. Smart Home Care - Live a healthy lifestyle through Smart Page’s Home Care app.  Watch your body weight, body fat rate, bone mass, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, Visceral fat and body temperature with Home Care.

So let’s all live a Smart Life with Auratech’s Smart Page now.  Exclusive for PLDT Subcribers, only P599/Monthly plan with broadband speedup (1Mbps boost up on your existing plan) + 1 year free Netflix. #SmartPage4SmartLife

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  1. Most households today already have a wireless network, so choose a smart dvd player that has built-in Wi-Fi. You also want to choose a model that has the ability to use Bluetooth compatible input devices.