Monday, April 9, 2018

Careline Wants You to Embrace your True Self

Careline, the Philippines’ go-to cosmetic brand, breaks stereotypes and celebrates diversity in race, gender, and culture with its "genderless" beauty campaign.

At a time when gender fluidity is rising, Careline encourages inclusion of everyone regardless of size, shape, gender, and color. What better way to promote beauty in diversity than by gathering seven influential millennials, the Careline Gang, who are confident in their own skin?

The Careline Gang consists of Seff Francisco, Mara Luz Smith, Rei Germar, Kenny Manalad, Margarita Gumabao, Emma Briones, and Brittany Rhodes. They are proud of who they are and embrace their flaws –that set them apart from the crowd.

With thousands of social media followers, these influencers are sure to make other Filipinos understand the real meaning of beauty. They, together with Careline, know no rules.

Make-up can boost self-confidence. Getting creative and playing around with cosmetics is one way of representing and celebrating your individuality. Through the Careline Gang, Careline aims to spread awareness of breaking gender barriers.

Be brave. Be real. Be confident. Be you. Love yourself.

For more information, visit their official website, their Facebook page, and their Instagram page

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