Tuesday, August 22, 2017

uPang UV Sterilizer Trade & Upgrade Promo: August-September 2017

Check out Korea's No.1 Sterilizer brand, uPang's Trade & Upgrade Promo! Trade in any brand of steam sterilizer and SAVE P3,000 when you buy an uPang UV Sterilizer! This promo runs until September 15, 2017.

uPang is Korea's #1 UV Sterilizer brand and with it, one can sterilize and dry items in just a touch of a button, no hot water needed.  Aside from baby bottles, uPang can also be used to sterilize toys, plates, cutlery, utensils, food containers, mobile gadgets, and even make up items - definitely an investment that can be used not only for your child!

uPang Features: .
🚩 Eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria using its Dual Philips UV lights.
🚩 Super convenient - sterilizes and dries in just a touch of a button! No hot water needed!
🚩 Versatile - can be used to sterilize teether, toys, clothes, cotton, utensils, cutlery, and even mobile phones and makeup!!
🚩 US FDA approved and is certified by health orgs from Australia , Europe, Japan and Korea
Korea's #1 top selling UV Sterilizer.

Say goodbye to old baby bottle sterilizers and discover how to sterilize and dry the easy and safest way today!

For more info, please visit upang.com.ph.

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