Monday, June 19, 2017

Paolo Ballesteros Hits New Level of Facebook Fame with the New Asus Zenfone Live

It is the live makeup transformation seen and heard around the world!

After a short break from posting his projects, viral star Paolo Ballesteros dominated the news anew as Israeli-born actress Gal Gadot who plays the iconic heroine Wonder Woman in the big screen, reposted the video of his live makeup transformation into the Amazon warrior princess, sending the Filipino actor’s popularity into the higher echelons of online fame.

With the help of the new Asus Zenfone Live, Paolo did a live makeup transformation to become Wonder Woman days before the global launch of the film, gaining nearly 100,000 views in a few days and earning raves from both local and international media outlets like Daily Mail, Mashable, HelloGiggles, among others. The Asus Zenfone Live boasts of the world’s first and exclusive live beautification technology, called BeautyLive,  which smoothens your skin and removes flaws and blemishes in real time.

The action flick earned more $100 million during its opening weekend in the US, making the film the highest grossing film for a female director. It also became one of the highest grossing films centering on a powerful female character. Even in the Philippine, it has been a commercial success dominating local movie houses.

But the Philippine craze over Wonder Woman ultimately reached sky high once Paolo’s makeup transformation ‘wowed’ the Hollywood actress, with Gadot even sharing a sped up version of Paolo’s remarkable transformation. The video has so far reached 4.2 million views as of Friday, Philippine time. The actor’s original Instagram photo of the transformation, has meanwhile reached 98.3K likes.

Paolo acknowledged that the Asus Zenfone Live helped him with his makeup transformation projects.

“My makeup transformations are now much easier thanks to the BeautyLive technology because I don’t have to blend the makeup that much,” Paolo said during his Wonder Woman session.

Prior to Gal Gadot, Paolo also did his first-ever LIVE online make-up transformation into famous celebrity Kylie Jenner using the Asus Zenfone Live.

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