Saturday, April 8, 2017

Urban Traveller & Co’s Buy1 Carry1 Promo: Apr 2017

Modern adventurers: The search for travel equipment that complements your intense passion for life and style is over. This summer, Urban Traveller & Co (UTC) is giving you the opportunity to own premium bags from Canadian global travel brand Venque. Pay for one - and get two upon check-out!

The modern-day wanderer is someone who loves to live and document moments ranging from adrenaline pumping treks to casual strolls in a quaint city, yet doesn’t hesitate to dive into a cluttered e-mail inbox on a lazy day at the beach. For an individual who has perfected the art of work-life balance, having a versatile and durable carry is essential – something Venque has hand-crafted to perfection. 

Venque (pronounced "Venk") is a collection of luxury, travel, tech, and work accessories created by two Canadian brothers and top-calibre fashion designers. The brand unifies a minimalistic and functional approach to design and is shaped by tradition and technology. 

Its commitment to artisanship, quality, detail, and durability is why Venque utilizes only the finest materials for its travel gears. To create top-of-the-line backpacks, Venque pioneered the use of Quanta fabric, which is constructed with high-quality yarn and woven into layers for a high-end finish. Zippers are solely metal, while covers, handles, and zipper tabs are adorned with timeless and genuine leather. 

Embark on your next big adventure with Venque! Shop online at or visit the UTC stores in Greenbelt 5 and Alter Ego. 

Check out or follow @urbantravellerco on Instagram and Facebook to see more of what #youreverydaycarry should be. 

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